Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hopelessly Devoted to Devotion!!

My toy pick of the month was the Devotion from the NEW Body & Soul Collection.
First let me say I LOVE the Sapphire color, there are not many toys available in blue. It also has a satin finish with a touch of iridescent that changes the color slightly by the way the light hits it. The smooth satin finish takes this product to a more elegant look then some of the hard plastic slim line vibrators that are out on the market. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to get it started, you need to hold the on/off button in for 3 seconds before it will turn on, this button is on the bottom of the toy. But once it is on you have a whole lot of vibration. The Devotion offers 10 different settings, low, medium, high, pulsations, escalations and some HOLY WOW in there as well. It’s not intimidating by the size; it can be used internally or externally as well. I have some tips for other uses that you can use with the Devotion. This would be a very nice starter vibe for someone who is not quite ready for the advanced toys. A lot of women need clitoral stimulation in order to reach orgasm, so if you are going to use this internally you could pull it out and massage it around your clitoris for the BIG O! If you are one of the women like me who need penetration along with clitoral stimulation you could always purchase one of the Cal Exotics
vibrating cock ring
Hot Rod Sleeve
Silicone teasers A few extra tips that I can offer to you is to tease your partner. This can be one of those Ah Ha moments he won’t forget if you incorporate it in with your foreplay. Tickle him on his nipples and work your way down to his testicles. You can also use it to push up on the perineum area to help stimulate the prostate and help your partner achieve his A-spot orgasm! The Devotion can also be used for a basic massage on the neck, feet or hands. When I am sick I have a separate vibrator or a slim bullet to rub on my chest, it helps the congestion loosen up in your chest as well as roll it up and down on your back. This will help relieve some of the muscle strain you have if you suffer from Asthma and the dreaded cough that we get. It is very easy to clean. This toy retails for$21.99, this is a very affordable price, it takes two AA batteries and is available in four different colors: Purple, Black, Pink, Blue. Susan Compton Owner/Founder

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