Tuesday, January 15, 2013

As a customer who may possibly purchase the “Gyration Sensation” for me and my boyfriend. I was attracted by the color as pink is my favorite. We both enjoyed the feel of the enhancer as I prefer the soft pliable feel rather than the hard plastic that some of the other couple toys I have tried. My boyfriend also praised the soft feel as he had some issues with the other cock rings we tried. This is one that he didn’t have to shave for. As a girl I was thrilled with the nubs as it gave me a whole different experience when my boyfriend entered me and pushed the bottom nubs against my clitoris. Moving on to funnier things; I would take control of the remote as I lie on the bed and Heaven just started to begin. I took control of the remote and with the 10 different speeds I was feeling there was no turning back. My boyfriend even commented that he felt the vibrations and the different speeds was a real turn on. He may have controlled the speed of his lovemaking though I controlled the speed of the pulsations of the enhancer and suddenly it was an entirely different ball game. As Owner of Elegant Pleasure Parties I show this and demo the Enhancer to the girls and guys at my parties. I have a really good response and a few girls have mentioned that they have seen similar items from other party companies, but they did not have as many features.

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