Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fill your purse and stop leaving money behind!

Customer care is probably the most forgotten activity
not only in our business, but in the entire industry.
Customer care, or customer re-servicing, leads to:
• Additional sales
• Additional party bookings
• Additional team members
If you are not re-servicing your customers you ARE leaving money on the table.
Not re-servicing your customers leaves them with the impression that you’re not interested in them
their wants, needs and desires. If you think you’re bothering your customers or that they’ll call you
if they need something, think again. It’s time to reprogram your mind and understand that building a
relationship with your customers makes them feel like a VIP and makes you feel like a successful business
Why Re-Service?
• Re-servicing your customers helps you develop a relationship built on trust. Customers who
trust you want to do business with you again and again and recommend you to others.
• Your customer base is valuable. It is yours, you own it, you built it and you should take care of
it. Part of taking care of your customer base is re-servicing.
• Your customers already know you. They’re familiar with the products and information. They
are a warm market. Re-servicing your customers is so much easier than cold calling.
• When you do a party you have a limited number of people that can fit into one room, but when
you do re-servicing calls, your “party” is as big as you want it to be. If you want to make 20
calls it is like having a party with 20 guests.
• Re-servicing not only leads to additional sales, but also bookings and new team members.
• When you fail to re-service, you increase the chances that your client will not know how to find
you when they are interested in reordering, booking or signing up.
• By re-servicing, you develop client loyalty. In today’s market, client loyalty is priceless.

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