Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Art of Sensual Dance for Everyone!!

The Art Of Sensual Dance for Everyone!!

Learn the Moves!!

Practice the "Moves" and then use these guide's to follow a routine. You'll soon
feel confident enogh to do the dances alone! ENJOY your Sensual self!!


:: Go slow; use your own beat & rhythm.

:: Or do all the moves to the count of 4

:: Concentrate on the TEASE!!

:: Moving slowly create's tension & tension creates Passion!!

:: There is more in what you DON'T see than what you DO!!


:: Walk for 4 beats,gazing at person
:: Side wiggle
:: leg extension with sensual slide (SS)
:: 4 hip rolls with hands floating in air, or on your body
:: 2 quarter-turn moves to back
:: bend over with flat back
:: hands down inner and/or outer leg
:: bring legs together
:: knee jockey with hands on derriere
:: quarter-turn to side
:: hip thrust with SS
:: coy curtsy
:: continue in your own style and/or
:: sit on partner's lap
:: leave them BREATHLESS for the next installment!!


:: 2 head rolls
:: 1 sensual slide (SS) down neck
:: Breast squeeze with SS:: 2 hip rolls
:: coy curtsy
:: drag nails up top of legs
:: quarter-turn to side
:: hip thrust with SS
:: quarter-turn to back
:: Spread legs and bend over, flat back
:: little back and forth butt wiggle
:: gaze at partner from over the shoulder
:: knee jockey with hands on sides or derriere
:: quarter turn to side
:: self hug with neck back
:: look at person with passionate, "I'm the Goddess for you" look!
:: 1 shoulder roll playing with straps and/or caressing shoulder
:: quarter turn, back to front
:: breast squeeze leaning towards partner
:: SS down neck and cleavage
:: shimmy back and forth twice
:: leg exstension with SS
:: Continue in your own style and/or
:: sit in partner's lap...or whatever your fancy!!

WHOOooo HOoooo!!

Picture found on Google images...not sure who to give the credit too!

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