Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Classic Games Made SEXxXY

Classic Games Made Sexy

My partner and I love playing games. It’s a great way to spend a few hours just being together and talking, having fun. Sometimes though the traditional games can get a little boring, so we thought a little spicing up was in order. This weekend when you’re looking for something to do, try one of these romantic renditions of favorite classic games!

Romantic Word Scrabble
Play like normal except only words that are romantic can be used. If you are questioned about the "romanticness" of the word you used, prove it’s romantic value by using it in a sentence. That part alone is half the fun!

Strip Poker
Okay, this one is a gimme, but it’s great fun! Make the stakes higher by making the chips worth kisses, romantic treats and more when they’re cashed in.

Rename the countries into body parts on the board and on the cards (so they correlate). You’ll need to be pretty detailed as there are quite a few countries. When you take over a "body part" you get to have your way with it for 5 minutes. Or, if you’d rather, you can have your partner do something to that body part on you. Make sure to set limits on what is acceptable to ask the other to do beforehand and respect those wishes so it stays fun for everyone. If you don’t want it to be too sexual, don’t name any erogenous zones.

Every time you take over a partner’s piece you are entitled to 5 minutes of a romantic "treat" of your choice. Whoever ultimately wins the game is entitled to special 2-3 hour romantic treat of their choice to be redeemed within 7 days.

Play the game as usual except change the payment of money into for every $100 you owe or need to pay you have to pleasure your partner for 1 minute. So, if you land on Boardwalk with all the hotels you’ll need to pleasure your partner for 20 minutes. Winner gets a special romantic treat of their choice to be given within 7 days.

Instead of playing until whoever reaches 500 first, play for a set amount of time. An hour is usually good for us. At the end of the playing time turn every 100 points into 10 minutes of time (500 points would equal 50 minutes) your partner has to do whatever you want. It can be anything from being your servant for the night, to giving you a massage, making dinner, hand feeding you, etc. Use your imagination!

If these ideas aren’t enough for you, take a peek at some of these user-submitted ideas!

Hide and Seek!
One of our favorite games is hide & seek. It’s best to surprise your partner with the game... Turn out all the lights and leave a note by the door for him to find when he walks in the door with something like "Hide & Seek: Find me if you can!"... or turn out all the lights after she goes into the bathroom and call out, "You’ll have to search for me." (You might want to call this out and *then* find a different hiding spot. LOL For a little added twist to the game, one time I hid in the guest bedroom under the bed (I usually make my hiding spots more obvious). When my husband looked over the room and didn’t see me he went on to the other rooms. After he headed downstairs to continue the search I snuck into our bedroom. I quietly picked up the phone and called his cell phone. I said, "Hey, honey... still looking for some fun? Meet me in the bedroom." It turned an ordinary evening into a playful and sensual ..) ~Monica

Game of Love Cards
Take a deck of 52 cards. Assign each card a thing to do. For example, Aces get a kiss. Shuffle the deck and spread the cards out. You and your honey take turns drawing cards. Whatever card says to do your honey must do. Be creative with your ideas! Have fun! ~Anonymous

Another Game Of Love Cards
You can play cards game with your loved one, buy one box of cards (ordinary playing cards), when both are ready to sleep suggest that you play them. Here are the rules: 1. When one wins the other one has to take off his clothes, one per win until you are both naked then... Try it is fun. ~Sandra

The Alphabet Game
One person starts with the letter "A" and has to kiss a body part on the other person beginning with that letter. The other person starts with "B" and so on and so on. Some of those letters get awfully tricky, but you will be amused by what your lover will think of for a letter. It’s very fun, and by the time you get to "Z" (if you do) you just might want to play again. ~Jennifer

Sexual Shoots And Ladders
Remember the old game of shoots and ladders? Make a board piece exactly like it and fill in the blanks with your own ideas. (sexual favors) You’ll find your mate very aroused after a round of this game!!! ~Anonymous

Hide & Go Seek
Anywhere with big shelves is good for this (even the supermarket!) Shop with your person for a little while, and as they look at a particular item, say, "I bet you can’t find me!" and dart over and enter another aisle. You can keep this up as long as you want. My boyfriend and I do this all the time at the bookstore and if nothing else it introduces a bit of friendly competition into the game. It sounds stupid, but try it- you’ll like it! ~AntiSeptic

Play Othello with kissing rules!
Suggest playing the game Othello. Halfway through suggest making it a little more interesting. For the number of tokens they flip over they get to kiss you that many times where ever they wish. I don’t think we have ever finished that game! ~Anonymous

A Love Puzzle
Buy a Puzzle (about 100 pieces) and assemble it. Turn in over and write a romantic message on the back. Take it apart. Have a candle light dinner and present it to her. Let her know that there is a message waiting for her. ~Carlos R Castro

Change the game of Monopoly. Change boardwalk into back rub, and Tennessee into take your shirt off. Every time you pass go, you get a kiss. etc. ~Anonymous

Hide And Seek
Play hide and seek outside in the rain...its fun and very sexy. ~Andrea

Pick A Number
If you like to be silly with your love sometimes, here’s a fun thing to do: Walk up to them with a big ol’ smile on your face, and say, "pick a number between one and ten"...don’t explain why, just tell them to do it. When they make a guess at it, lean in close and whisper "Nope, you lose. Take off your clothes.
" :-) ~Barbara Tilton

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