Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thongs, Brief or Bikini.....Featuring Espiral Lingerie



As we continue with definitions of and in lingerie we meet up with types of cloths and cuts which are designed specifically for different appeals and tastes. Matte is non-glossy and even, rather than bright and shiny.  A Microfiber is an extremely fine synthetic fiber that makes cloths soft, lightweight, washable, and breathable. It is just not simply a manner of cotton or polyester when it comes to woman’s lingerie.   

 Minimisers are for large-breasted woman to their breasts look smaller. Net is a see thru cloth that is made of very fine threads woven together so that there are small evenly spaced holes between them. The Bikini style is a low cut panty that sits on the hip; that gives full coverage in the back and the front. Briefs are the style of panty where the top is at the waist; similar to small shorts. G-String is a panty with a small front area connected with thin, elastic string in back and around the waist leaving the buttocks exposed, suitable for wearing under trousers to avoid visible panty line. Usually larger than a thong. Tap Pants are shorts with loose fitting legs, usually going higher on the sides.  


Thongs are panties that with a thin strip of material in the back that leaves the rear end exposed. Peignoir is a dressing gown made of very thin material. It usually comes with a matching robe. Rigid material does not stretch. Satin is a smooth type of cloths that is shiny on one side and matte on the other. Seamless is a piece of clothing without seams; designed for additional comfort.  

Sheer is a very thin, delicate, transparent, or see through. Silk is a very smooth, fine cloth made from the natural fiber that is produced by a kind of moth. Slit is a narrow cut in the fabric usually made for ease of movements or sex appeal. Spandex/Lycra is a fabric that is created from elastic thread which helps a garment to stretch. Lycra is a well-known brand of spandex.  


Strapless is a garment without usual narrow bands of material over the shoulder. Teddiette is a teddy with attached garters to keep stockings from falling down. Teddy is a combination of camisole and panty with high cut legs and usually a thong in back. This Blog concludes our blogs on definitions of Lingerie……though lingerie topics will continue along with party themes and other topics.

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