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Selecting the Best Styles…..Featuring: Pleaser Shoes and Pleasure Wigs

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Selecting the Best Styles…..
As we enter the world of fashion we wonder where it all began. Some of us enter the world of fashion thru dresses, scarf’s, lingerie, shoes and even some feel worthless without the proper hat. As many today gauge our wealth at the job we have, the car we drive, or even the house we live in.

At times throughout our lives we change what we need or what we feel we need to be felt as attractive, important or even alive.


In our society many times we need to dress up. We  need to dress up in our lingerie, in our hair, our scent, our feet and sometimes even more………
Elegant Pleasure Parties retail not just the lotions, perfumes, toys, lingerie, shoes or even fine wigs produced by X Gen Products…… We produce the Elegance. From the small manufactures to the big; from American companies like Doc Johnson to Cal Exotics, from the Adult Fun Factory in Germany to Lelo in Sweden, including Dream Girl International, Forplay- Born In Hollywood, to PleaserUsa  and Ellie Shoes.

Being able to dress does not always make you a success. You also have to able to find the dress, the shoes, the lingerie, etc……


Remember a women’s body is individual. That is why lingerie has so many different designs. To assist you in finding your best choice, look through this simple guide for finding lingerie that covers your body you are less happy with. I would like to say that you are the most happy with. We do have to admit to each other and ourselves that there are areas we wish we could trade in.

Choose high-cut bottoms to draw attention away from the breast area. Breast-emphasizing tops like push-up bras with padded cups, teddies, triangle-shaped bras (tops that tie or hook behind the neck) or baby-dolls create an illusion of curves. Try lingerie with ruffle, lace, and non sheer bras with trim. If you are thin consider wearing garters. It will highlight and define your waist.



Under-wire garments or triangle-shaped bras give additional support and create cleavage. (But: Avoid any halter tops if your shoulders are wider than the hips!) Look for Spandex and Lycra stretch materials that can adjust and flatten your breasts. Choose the top with over the shoulder straps.


A long loose gown with a sheer top would draw the eye upward.  Choose strait-cut garments. Snug Styles will only emphasize the flaws of your lower body. Darker shades on the bottom and lighter shades on top balance hip and shoulder width. Go for underwire and push-up designs. Trim detailing can add a more defined waist area.  Look for high-cut bottoms – the hips or legs will seem longer. Halter tops visually widen the shoulders.


Look for loose-fitting styles (camisoles, baby dolls) in the waist. Use jewelry to draw attention to other parts of your body. A corset can create a slimmer look. Use fancy thongs , panties, or cleavage-enhancing bras to bring eyes to more attractive areas. (Note: Vertical lines create the illusion of height. Horizontal lines give a wider look.)



Regardless of your height or weight you can find the perfect fit! Spend time while choosing your right size and style. It is definitely worth the time.



While choosing Lingerie see how lingerie colors tone with your individual hair and skin colors. Let your individual preference and taste guide you. And remember one golden rule . Wear nude lingerie under white or light colored clothes.

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