Thursday, January 20, 2011

So You Wanna Party……



                  As we continue to explore toy party themes; we need to understand the reason why we party. As we live in a stressful society we need to find outlets. We need to stay out a little later sometimes and risk a little bit to feel. Playing bingo with grandma on Wednesday nights does not always burn our hearts or make us feel like dancing. We get tired of slumber parties with our sisters, we our tired of watching “Married with Children” and “7th Heaven” or even “I Love Raymond”.  Elegant Pleasure Parties Consultants unlike other toy parties include men. We call these Co-ed Parties. Some party companies will even terminate their consultants if they allow men or one slips in unnoticed. (No slumber parties here). 


We do offer “Erotic Massage Theme Parties”, with sometimes the consultant massaging one of the girls back or having a couple get involved with one massaging the other. “Get Your Buzz On” parties would be awesome with our great supply of vibrators.  “Happy Hour “ parties would be a lot more fun talking about sex toys, lingerie and shoes getting toasted then at some bar on the strip. “A Housewarming Party” is an awesome way of introducing yourself or meeting new friends or even welcoming a new neighbor. “Emergency Parties’ are not just parties for your friendly doctor, nurse, dentist, or E.M.T. though for a weekend when all good plans went and a bunch of friends have little notice yet a great need to party! Throw a Emergency Party! 


Many Elegant Pleasure Parties consultants have cancelations and are ready to roar on short notice. “Wild Tarzan and Jane’s Parties” are a hit especially when you have 4 or 5 couples.                     Just Me –N- My Girl Parties are a new thing that works for straight or gay parties. And yes Elegant Pleasure Parties do not discriminate against single, double or triple sex orientated individuals or couples. 
“Just Girls, Just Guys, or even Just Couples parties, moving on to Parties in March we have “March  Madness or Setting the Mood in March” parties. 

I always like “Get Lucky Parties”.  “Spring Fever” , “Cabin Fever”, and “Spring Fever” parties are often for a way to get display models or slowing moving in-stock merchandise at discount prices. April Showers and Wedding Showers are good Party themes… they go along with Bachelorette party themes. Anatomy themes can also be used and games that engage the different parts of the bodies as well as the different pleasure zones. 

Masturbation May! May is National Masturbation Month! Celebrate all Month long! Mothers Day Parties as well as Fathers day Parties for the guys. As we end this segment of Party themes with July and June Jollies themes and No Joke Jonny in July and June themes it is good to remember why we party. Which is to have fun, be with friends and enjoy ourselves; whether we party in the summer , spring or the fall, in the pool, on the deck, in the hot tub, around the patio, on vacation or jumping on the 4th

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