Saturday, January 15, 2011

If Condoms only had Corporate Sponsors.......

 As we end the week. I choose condoms as today’s blog along with featured products of different condoms and simple cock-rings from Elegant Pleasure Parties (Http://

The history of the condom is not really something talking at depth really aids us much except that condoms has been used for the last 400 years and its popularity has grown extensively since the 19th century. For the most part as modern production has taken effect, plastic oil by product has becoming increasingly elastic and cheap to use in the production of condoms. And also by sensitivity increasing as products become thinner, better made and different rubber is no longer used. Rubber has been replaced by latex and for the partner needing more sensitivity or latex reactions or even using oil based lubricants which break down latex products we have lambskin and while lambskin does protect against pregnancy it is thought that STDS can still be transmitted through the tiny pores in the material.

Now on with our Sponsors:
Good to the Last Drop!                                                                       Maxwell House
Over 99 Billion Served                                                                        McDonalds

Just Do It                                                                                            Nike
Oh What A Feeling                                                                             Toyota

You Got the Right One, Baby!                                                            Diet Pepsi
Once You Pop, You can’t Stop.                                                         Pringles

The Fresh Maker                                                                                Mentos
Ten Million Strong and Growing                                                          Flintstones Vitamins

$3.00 ea.
Strong Enough for a Man, but Made for a Women,                             Secret
The Best Never Rest                                                                          Ford

Like A Rock                                                                                      Chevy
Aren’t You Glad You Use It? Don”t You Wish Everyone Did?           Dial

Betcha Can’t Have Just One                                                              Lays
We Bring Good Things to Life!                                                          General Electric

The Quicker Picker Upper.                                                               Bounty
It Keeps Going and Going…..                                                          Energizer

It Melts In Your Mouth, not in Your Hands                                      M&M
Have It Your Way                                                                           Burger King

We Treat You Right                                                                        Dairy Queen

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