Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Than Just .........."Bras" and "Panties"

$69.00 (xs-s-m-l-xl)
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As we continue to talk about Lingerie, we will be featuring Club wear from Forplay Born in Hollywood and in that we need to understand that lingerie consists of different material as well as different garments. We have our bras and panties and then we have different types of bras and panties. We also have bras and panties made of different material made for different reason and purposes. Just to help and inform I grabbed this little paragraph: ( on bra fitting.

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“Breasts should not fall out below the bra when raising your hands above your head. If they do try, going down a band size, the middle part of your bra that sits between your breasts should sit flat on your rib cage. If it doesn’t try, going up a cup size. The band of your bra should stay level around the circumference of your body. A band that rides up in the back means your band size is too big. The bra straps should only be 10% of the support your bra gives. If your bras straps are doing all the work, consider going down a band size. Breasts should fit comfortably into the bra cup with no overflow, double-bubble, or wrinkles in the bra fabric.”
Now on with different type of Fabrics and more types of lingerie:

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$98.00 (zs-s-m-l-xl)
Denier is a unit of measure referring to the thickness of the fiber. The lower the number, the thinner the material.
Dressing-gown simply is a long robe to wear over nightwear.
Embroidery are designs sewn into fabric by hand or machiane.
Flutter is a panty that is elastic on top and loose on the bottom.
Fringe is a decoration consisting of a row of hanging threads or strips.
Garter is a piece of elastic with metal or plastic clasps at the end worn round the top of a stocking to prevent it from slipping down; can be removed if stockings won’t be used.
Garter Belts our articles of lingerie that consists of adjustable waistband and garter straps; used to hold up stockings.
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Lace is a very delicate fabric which has patterns of holes in it.
Latex is a stretch rubber type material.
Lining is a material attached to the inside of a garment to make it warmer and add modesty.
Long Line is a bustier that extends to the hips.
Lurex is fabric made of a metallic thread.
$78.00 (xs-s-m-l-xl)

$78.00 (xs-s-m-l-xl
$69.00 (xs-s-m-l-xl)
As we close up and conclude for the day I wanted to add that I pick dance-wear and club wear for the reason that Elegant Pleasure Parties sells more than just toys, lingerie and shoes. We sell a lot more. It is also good to remember that lingerie serves more than one purpose.  Not only can lingerie be sexy, and make us feel more secure in our bodies though also make the outer clothing such as dresses, skirts, and dance-wear look, feel and fit better.

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