Thursday, January 13, 2011

Knowing Your Lingerie Part I (featuring Sevan 'til Midnight Lingerie)

$28.00 (s-m-l-xl)
$30.00 (s-m-l)


A new element of my blogs is that we not only talk about sex, romance and fashion. We also feature products for sale by Elegant Pleasure Parties either at party events, by email or by our website I also try to talk about different areas and feature different products.
$58.95 (s-m-l)

$26.00 (s-m-l)

Our main Lingerie supplier is Dream Girl Lingerie though we do sell Lingerie from several other Lingerie companies and brands. As we do our second featured brand of Lingerie keep in mind that some styles stay from season to season and other get discontinued quickly? It often depends on a number of factors including cost, style, supply, and customer demand and market conditions.

We even occur out-of-stocks quite frequently as demand is a lot higher then supply or was forecast-ed. Sizes are also something to keep in mind as lingerie is cut differently sometimes and  lingerie teddy's and corsets are cut to the bust not to the waist. Other problems are women’s different shapes and figures and the fashion industry pushing more one sizes or small sized lingerie out on the public. We have some companies that sell a mixture of sizes and some that only sell small and one sized. There are a few companies that only sell XX XXX sized lingerie though they are very few and very hard to find.
$16.00 (m-l-x1-3x)

Lingerie terminology begins as we find out about different pieces of lingerie and you may even be a little surprised.
BABY DOLL which is a short sleep or lounge gown consisting of formed cups with a loose fitting skirt, sometimes comes with matching panties.

BASQUE is a combination of the bra and garter belt; sometimes worn visibly.
BODICE is the upper sleeveless part of a dress that covers the breasts.

$6.00 (s-m-l)

$6.00 (s-m-l)
DEMI CUP BRA a bra that reveals the upper portion of the breasts and exposes the nipple; gives great support; are also known as Shelf Cups.
HALF CUP BRA is half of the breasts and the nipples are covered.
$24.00 (s-m-l)

$24.00 (s-m-l)

$24.00 (s-m-l)

PUSH UP BRA are cups t designed to add bust and give a more attractive cleavage; contain a special kind of padding, which can be removed.
SILICONE CUP DRIVE is cups that contain silicone padding instead of fiber padding.
$28.00 (s-m-l-xl)

$26.00 (sq)

MULTIWAY BRA is a bra that can be worn with or without straps or halter-necks tops. The
UNDERWIRED BRA is with a thin wire sewn into the lower portion of the cups for additional support; especially suitable for larger breasted women. The
Bustier is a bra that stretches to the waist; looks like a strapless top. Have garters at the bottom.
Camisole is a short loose fitting top that ends at the waistline and is sometimes worn visibly under an open jacket or wool clothes to protect the skin.
$26.00 (sq)

$22.00 (sq)

CHEMISE is a strait-hanging short sleep or lounge gown with thin straps on the shoulders.
CHIFFON is a kind of very thin silk or nylon cloth.

$28.00 (s-m-l)

$28.00 (s-m-l)

CORSET is a stiff piece of underwear designed to make women look slimmer by pulling in the waist and lifting the breasts; lacing at the back makes the corset adjustable. Have garters for stockings.
CROP TOP is a very short top that stretches just below the breasts.

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