Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Some More Party Themes from Elegant Pleasure Parties


More Party Themes………
As parties go it is just a manner of gathering a group of people. Elegant Pleasure parties are not much different except in that they offer games, displays, explanations and tastes test of various cremes, powers and lotions that evolve around romance and erotic themes. Sometimes though the girls at the party want to add a little extra spice; and while bachelorette, co-ed and dance pole parties are some of the most popular there are a couple hundred others. In this blog we’ll see how many we can run through while featuring many of the party items that Elegant Pleasure Parties sell. (



“Passion-Fashion” is our first is very important one in that Elegant Pleasure Parties off er lingerie from the top brands including “DREAMGIRL INTERNATIONAL”, SEVEN til MIDNIGHT, FORPLAY, MUSIC LEGS, “HUSTLER LINGERIE” and so many more. Elegant Pleasure Parties also offer shoes from such prime manufactures as “ELLIE SHOES” and “PLEASER USA”.  (

“Pirates” in a sweet romantic theme and we even have the sex toys, blindfolds, whips, handcuffs, that completes the party props from the party all the way to the bedroom. “Patriotic” would be a good one around Independence Day with all red white and blue. “Playboy Bunny” would be a awfully nice treat and if you have a problem finding the black leotards for the bunny outfit we sell those too. 



A “Pleasure Me “party would include an all “Girls Night Out” exclusive. “Poke-Her-Night” could be an exclusive couples party as together we all learn about select toys. A Pretty Panty” Parties would be showing off all the pretty and sexy panties that Elegant Pleasure Parties sell. As a lot of time at our parties we have a general showing and display theme though they are times when we would just like to talk or learn, or show-and-tell about a certain item like Dance Poles, Panties, Vibrators, Shoes, Corsets, Glass dildos, etc.

 As we have Birthday and Bachorlette parties we also have Queen for the day or Princess of the night parties, “Toga” parties, and “Tic-Tac-Toe XOXOXO” parties. “Rock-N-Roll” Parties are always fun with one of the ladies acting as the DJ, “Sex and the City”, and even “Stone Aged” theme parties. A favorite theme is “Save a Horse, Ride Your Cowboy”, “She’s a Rider”, and “Western” Styled theme parties. Some others include “Sealed with a Kiss”, “Say Yes to Sex”, Suddenly Single”, Summer Love”, “Sugar-N-Spice”, and even Sexy Appetizers parties.

Winter Wonderland parties are kind of cool as well as our “Tie-Dye-Hippy” parties. Sometime play a lot of games at our parties and even have game theme parties or guessing game parties like “Who’s Pregnant?” party. At Elegant Pleasure Parties we also sell tattoo sleeves, temporary tattoos and wigs so other parties could be “Wine O and Wig parties, “X-Plosive”, “Screaming-O”, “New Year-New Toy-New You”, and “Valentines” parties.



Other party themes could include the months of the year or the days of the week or even the seasons. “Jolly January”, “Freaky February”, “Frisky February”, “Month of Romance”, “Stupid Cupid”, “Hot Date”, “Buy-Me-A-Date”, “Super Bowl”, and “World Series” parties for the sports lovers. “March Madness”, Setting the Mood”, “Get Lucky” or “Getting Lucky”, “Fever” parties, and so many more……


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