Friday, January 7, 2011

Keep It Clean…… (Anal Play)

Lots of people find anal play very sexy and erotic…the poop factor can be a turn off. Oops! As adults we have a hard time sometimes talking about some things. Yet talk we must and communicate if we ever hope to be able to play… 

Sometimes the fear of embarrassment can interfere in butt fun. It may be difficult in the beginning to relax and let go of old taboos or fear of messy interruptions. Here are some tips to help you relax, and enjoy your new found anal pleasures and hopefully will help with any of the old anal hang-ups. As they say down under…the cleaner you are the sweeter you are….and remember cleanliness is a girl’s best friend next to diamonds.  


It is best to practice good butt hygiene all the time. Try using pre-moistened adult wipes. You can get the kind they sell at your grocery store or the ones your Elegant Pleasure Party Consultant sells. Wash around the anus with a mild cleanser while showering. You can even stick a soapy finger up the butt –for a little extra zing clean. Easy on the soap though as it can irritate some people and dry out the skin. And petroleum (oil) products are a definite no! 

A finger up the butt and be nice twice-cleaning things up and getting your butt warmed up for some action! Many people enjoy a nice warm bath or shower before anal play and a good bowel movement or enema is always a plus. Not only will it make sure you are nice and clean-it will also help with relaxation and ease any first time embarrassment.



Eat foods that are kind to your body; as there are foods to be paid attention to and avoided with oral sex as well there are for anal play. Avoid Indian curries, gassy beans and try not to go for that new rare beef you’ve heard all week about but have never tasted. As you will want to avoid loose stools or gas producing foods; it might be funny at the party but not in the bedroom. Eating foods that are rich in fiber everyday will help you to have natural bowel movements and keep your butt in good condition all the time.


Enemas: Clean out your butt with warm water. This is sometimes called an anal douche. It is different than an enema because there are no harsh chemicals involved. Many people feel that enemas are too invasive for regular anal play while others feel they are a turn on. Some feel they (enemas) clean out much more than is necessary and in actuality you need only to clean out the bottom 10 inches or so of your canal for good, clean anal play. To use a warm douche-you can pursue an enema and empty the contents. Then fill the bottle with warm water and squirt it up the butt. Warm water has pretty much the same effect of making you want to go to the bathroom. And the warmer the water, the more the effect so be careful. Do this a few times until you have felt you have pretty much cleaned yourself out. Also remember if are shying a little about anal or like to get a little kinky with your partner there are a lot of butt toys on the market from butt plugs, prostate massager's, and so many more. Contact your Elegant Pleasure Party Consultant for more information.



Nina Hartley says:
Anal sex should not hurt: if it does, slow down, start smaller and use more lube. “Butts cannot be forced, willed or guilt tripped into complying.” She says that her husband can play with her butt whenever he wants but he can’t “fuck” it till it wants.”Its his job to get my butt to want his dick. It’s my job to relax and let him pleasure my ass till it’s desperate for him.” 

What does that mean? “Our butts are moody,” says Nina. There may be some days it just doesn’t want to be played with. Be aware of this and be willing to back off if your (or your partner’s) butt isn’t cooperating…

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