Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Three Stages of Love

 In the beginning relationships go thru three distinctive different stages. Puppy love or (Eros love), is the beginning and no one really wants or feels the need to talk about this love as we all love this stage. We are embarrassed when we talk about it. We call each other silly names. We buy each other silly gifts and cannot bear to ever be apart. Many of us have trouble leaving this stage and going to the next stage. This is the stage where many people get married, move in together, have children, work jobs, and many other items of life that many call reality. Here we have no time for each other like we may have made for each other in the first phase. Some people go into the second phase right away while others take a longer time to get there. This phase is where many marriages and relationships occur problems, arguments, and reality intervenes. Their image of love has changed, they are no longer puppies in love they are now children in love. They want, desire, they argue, fight, admire and respect. Everything comes at once and little time is given often to sort it all out. The third stage is the sad one. The term I love you though am not in love with you. This would make stage two I may not always love you though I am definitely in love with you. Stage one is where we have HOT SEX! Stage 2 is where we have GREAT SEX! Stage three is where we just have “sex”. A lot of people confuse the stages and feel that once you have entered stage 2 you cannot go back to stage 1 in the same relationship or once love is gone it can never be regained. These are all myths. If you fell in love with somebody once you can fall in love again. 

The only one who is stopping you is you; and of course them. 2nd and third honeymoons are used to bring back romance and moonlight dancing. Installing dancing poles in the living room and sex swings in the bedroom and writing about your love on each other’s bodies with chocolate pens. Using blindfolds, handcuffs, mirrors on the ceiling. Are all things that be used together to take you back when the Sex was great!! Or when the sex was Hot!! Check out for more ideas.

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