Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Fleshlight......

The story of the "Fleshlight ia brief and sketchy as everyone likes to claim fame.The first story is that in  1998 a former police officer in the United States patented a “device for discreet sperm collection”. His design for an artificial vagina cost more than $2 million to develop and so the story goes how this toy was called the "Fleshlight" and the rest is history.
The other story comes from the makers of "Fleshlight" Brand Male toy and is a little bit different. They profess a total investment of $750,000 to develop the product and after a little work history is born. Now as we all know before the bright year of "98" only the ladies had toys that they brag about or use for their pleasure. Now the man has his own toy. "The Fleshlight". Scientifically patented and developed to give the man the ultimate in self pleasure. Price at around $69-$79 the Fleshlight comes in three  different shaped orifices: mouth, butt, and vagina. It also comes designed for pleasure, or  stamina. We have  vibrating Fleshlights with bullets that provide a whole new experience as in comparing a dildo vs a vibrator for a women. One is quite not like the other. We also have Fleshlight that come in Pink, Clear (Ice), White, or Tan. We also have flashlights that are specifically designed for the gay partner or the hetro (strait) partner. We also have Fleshlights that are specifically designed from a certain porn stars vagina.

The Fleshlight is unique in that it can be the mans best friend and even the women. It is time that sex and stimulation as well as toys were brought out to the open and enjoyed not only in solitude though together in enjoyment


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