Friday, December 24, 2010

Sexual Preferences.........

Depending on what your sexual preferences are….where you have sex……and why you do or do not have sex would depend a lot on what stage you are in. This also comes to the mind of “toys”. What toys you may want, what toys you do not want and what the term “Toys” actually mean to you. Some toys are creams and powders, some are furniture, some lingerie and shoes, while others may include vibrators or dildos. You may wish to play by yourself, or a couple. Some couples also like games; card games, board games, dice games, and many others. A lot of us need to understand where we are before we can decide what we want. As in stage one Board games and dice games would be lots of fun. 

Stage two would involve lingerie, a dance pole in the living room or the sex swing in the bedroom. Stage two might also involve finger paints, chocolate pens, massage candles, or oils. A lot of times we need to get relaxed, pampered, and loved. We are not teenagers who are sex starved or virgins who are begging to be touched We are working 50 hours a week, washing dishes, cooking dinners, and folding clothes. And that is when we are not working for someone else and listening to them groan and moan about their problems. And then we come home to a partner who feels the same…..and snap we are supposed to get erotic without even a kiss. A warm bath, a little massage with a grape soy candle can not only add the atmosphere, the massage, and also tasty flavor to lick as a beginning of foreplay. We also have vanilla a natural turn on for the male and strawberry or cherry for the ladies. How about a foot massage or even a full body massage with imported massage oil. A few straps or handcuffs, and a blindfold or two adds a bit of mystery after a long hard day. Nobody knows what the two of you could imagine……All of these products and more can be found at

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