Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sex In The Shower..........


As Sex moves from the bedroom to the shower and as we explore our sexuality we have questions. And a lot of the answers are not really answers they are actually just opinions and a lot of them are wrong. Sex in the Shower can be just as much fun in the shower or the hot-tub as well as in the bedroom. A lot of the questions evolving Sex in the Shower are very honest. One question comes up is the question of soap as a lubricant. Soap is not a  good lubricant.Water-based lubricant  is what you should use not soap. Soap will dry you out more then anything and water based lubricants are the best. A lot of women complain about being very dry in the shower and water based lubricant will solve this problem. Some people are against sex in the shower and are confused about the how more then anything and this sadly dampens their desire to explore. "Sex In The Shower" products were developed to take away the confusion and to increase the desire. Some sex in the shower products included are knee pads, square mirrors that are attached to the walls, and round mirrors that are made like rear-view mirrors on your vehicle. Other products are bars of soap that vibrate and when the soap is gone you have a waterproof vibe to play with. A lot of other products are in the collection are not just about having sex though more about getting in the right position. Such as handles for you hang onto in the shower or footrests to place your feet. We have waterproof dildos with suction cups, waterproof strap-on and even doggie style straps and even double sided suction cups. We even have twin shower heads so both can shower together and of course water conversation does not hurt either.


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