Monday, December 27, 2010

Using Glass Dildos.......and a little why

 Glass products as sex toys! Wow! The limitations are endless. Some like it Hot! Just leave in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes for proper temperature. Some like it Cold! Grab the same pot and filled it with ice-cubes and leave your toy chilling for a few minutes.  You can have ity hot or cold with glass.  No more worry about washing your toys over and over to get them clean. You can fully sterilize them with soap and boiling water. Dishwasher safe and  no worry about rash as they are hypoallergenic. Just grab some lubricant water based or latex based and you are on your way. Glass is non-porous. So there is no worry about bacteria.   No worry about that musky smell you get with improperly washed latex No special chemicals. Slip and slide has never ever been so much fun.

A lot of people are going more toward glass for the reasons above. Others are going toward glass though for the versatile ways that glass can be used and incorporated in their lovemaking. A ice cold glass dildo can be even more fun  then ice cubes.
Glass also responds to the heat of your body quicker than latex dildos.
A lot of couples use glass while they are having sex, to increase the sensations of their lovemaking and to even make foreplay more exiting. Some even prefer glass to latex when it comes to anal play as the anus is more sensitive then the vagina and sensitivity is greater. And as more couple demand glass for their lovemaking more manufacturer are designing more variations of glass. Before we only had single glass dildos made specifically for the vagina. Now we have glass products designed specifically for anal play also. We also have some glass products with LED lightning and others that vibrated with 10 functioned controllers. The possibilities are endless and so is the fun.

Glass Toys

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