Friday, December 10, 2010

Recipe for Romance

Our sense of smell has created cherished memories of our childhood, with family gatherings centered around preparation and consumption of food. We've created traditions for holidays, weddings and funerals, which have been handed down through each generation. The thought of your Grandmothers pumpkin pie, Aunt Sally's turkey dressing and mom's cranberry salad were anticipated for weeks.
The scents that create joy!
The smells that give us comfort.
The aromas that arouse us.
The combination of food and romance can turn a mere meal into our favorite romantic encounters. Many couples have proposed marriage or celebrated an anniversary at their favorite restaurant and even a certain table, while sharing the memorable atmosphere of romantic milestones.
Romantic dining provides the setting for intimate conversations. Intimacy is necessary for a good loving, lasting relationship. Inviting romance to your table can be as simple as a quiet dinner at home. Most of us can't afford to jet set to Paris or the Caribbean for a romantic night out, but what is to prevent you from turning your home into a tropical isle for the evening?
It may be awkward to dress up like a belly dancer in your living room, even in front of your life long mate, but therapist suggest role playing and acting out fantasies as a wonderful tonic for the seven year itch. Crawl out of your own skin and try someone elses on for the night even at the risk of being foolish or just for laughs. Creating fun, fantasy, relaxation and special memories can only seal the bond of a long term relationship. You've made a commitment to your mate for life. You've gained the stress of a mortgage, the responsibility of raising children, the security of jobs and general frustrations with the process of life. We're constantly told "You can't have your cake and eat it too." WHY NOT! This may be true all the time, but why not for one night at a time? You can create an evening of anticipation as you plan, shop and set the stage for a decadent dinner. There are no set rules and your imagination will create wonders. I will share some of my ideas with you.
Food Foreplay
You must first pick a theme. Mexican, Chinese, Hawaiian, Italian, Wild West.
Plan your menu. Most grocery stores have an international section. Many with prepared starter kits or frozen entres. Visit a deli or call for take out or delivery if time is a problem.
Visit a party supply or craft store. Find inexpensive props to set the scene (hats, napkins, plates, centerpiece, seasonal or theme accessories) You could use the extras for the kids, creating a fun dinner for them also. You could get the kids involved making decorations with their art sets.
Clothing doesn't have to be expensive. Visit a thrift store for great ideas on a budget.
Set the stage with candles, music, props and camera.
Relax and enjoy!You will find the excitement building as you make all your plans. You'll start fantasizing how your night will turn out with each step of the preparation. You've been engaging in foreplay for weeks just putting the wheels in motion.

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