Thursday, December 9, 2010

How To Strip For Your Lover

Do not be nervous. This is fun. If it causes you any undue embarrassment or discomfort, then you shouldn't be doing it. I understand there will be some butterflies -- it's perfectly natural, but realize that if you feel seductive and desirable, so will your audience. Plus, you're performing for your lover who (hopefully) already finds you seductive and desirable!

If you can, dim the lights a bit. Barring that, turn out the lights, but light lots of candles. Strut your beautiful self out there and start your music. If you really want to drive him or her to distraction, climb up on a coffee table or anything that puts you up a little higher. (Please, please, if you do this, make sure your stage is sturdy ahead of time. I think we can all imagine how quickly a trip to the ER would kill the mood.) Merely sway suggestively for a bit without actually removing anything. Do remember to turn from time to time, especially if your sweetheart is particularly enamored with your backside. Do a little booty shaking. If your hair is up, let it down and softly whip it back and forth. Check the look on your lover's face. Has the mouth slackened a bit? Then it's time to move on to the good stuff.

Start with something innocuous -- a glove is great. Very slowly push the glove down your arm, then with your teeth; suggestively pull at the cloth on each finger. Once your glove is loose enough to pull off, do so, but again, slowly. Then throw it at your lover. Please don't wing it at him or her; it sort of ruins the mood. At any rate, you may then move on to whatever you choose with two exceptions: your thigh highs (or garter and stockings) and your shoes. These should stay on until you're down to your dainties. I must ask you to trust me again.

No matter what you're removing, the key is to do it as slowly as possible. Tease. Unbutton your blouse and only let your shoulder or a part of your back show before your shirt makes it all the way off. Flash your partner, and then quickly close your blouse. Spin around to give him or her several tantalizing angles. Then do the same with your skirt; simply lift it to expose a thigh, and then quickly flip it up in back for a peek-a-boo shot of your butt. Make your partner wait. And always toss the removed garment at your captivated audience.

When you are finally free of the confines of your outfit, continue to move and dance seductively. This is when the long necklace comes in quite handy. Not only will it sway beautifully, but it will also draw attention to your breasts, which is a good thing. Now this may sound ridiculous, but honestly, your lover may not know what to focus on and you will then laugh from his or her eyeballs jittering out of their sockets.

You are now down to your underpinnings, shoes and stockings. Let your lover enjoy this for a few moments before you tantalizingly, excruciatingly, slowly roll each stocking down your leg (obviously, if you're going the garter belt route, you'll want to undo those first). Try propping your leg on something that's close by your sweetie, like the arm of the sofa or chair, while you're doing this. Once you get to your ankle, slide your shoe off long enough to get the stocking off, and then put your shoes back on and continue dancing.

Now that your sweetie is a quivering mass of jelly, climb down from the stage or slowly make your way over to him or her, and tease for a few more moments before surprising them with an impromptu lap dance. Or, if you'd rather, merely strut into the bedroom. It may take them a moment to register, but I can guarantee they will be in shortly!

Believe me, once you've done a striptease for your favorite playmate, you'll want to do more. And I can guarantee he or she will want you to, as well. The main point to remember is this is a fun exercise that will titillate both of you. Plus, it'll be something you can talk about for years to come and even plan new shows together. So go buy some hot undies and get stripping! 

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