Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clitoris Stimulation……………..Chasing the Mighty “O”


Everybody wants the big “O”! Now! For the big “O” to be big we have to start small. As I have mentioned in an earlier blog, the clitoris needs to be wined and dined before touched. This is one of the reasons women are sensitive about being touched there. They want the pleasure not the pain. More than half of women surveyed say they are not sexually satisfied, 70% of women surveyed  never have an orgasm from intercourse and 14% have never had an orgasm AT ALL. Not ever. The question is why –and the answer is education of the women and her partner.

Lets us start before you head south head a little north and tease the breasts first and especially the nipples are they are also extremely sensitive. Though rare some women have received orgasms from stimulation of their breasts and nipples.Wait for the lady to guide you as each woman is different as to when and where she wants to be touched. It is also important to remember that some women only receive orgasm through clitoral stimulation.  Elegant Bullets for Her
 In operating below with the clitoris it is important to establish a rhythm and to listen. You make like to go slow or fast while she may not. Listen to her and to her body as some things we can lie about and some we cannot.  Do not tease her about getting to the point of release and letting her drop like a cold potatoes. Remember she can and will do the same to you . It is also good to remember that some women need extra stimulation on the clitoris before they are ready for sexual intercourse.  There is also what some call the erection of the clitoris and there is the  hood of the clitoris. Be careful not to blow on the clitoris as this will dry out the glands. Other tips are to treat the clitoris like a very fragile grape as you would the nipple and go real slow. You may also want to try multiple stimulation using your tongue with clitoral and your fingers with vaginal. 

Some sexual positions that are best for clitoral stimulation also are: Rear Entry or Doggie Style, Women on Top so she can control the rhythm, depth, and so she ride the horse the ways she wants not you and also Reverse Cowgirl which is with her on top only with her showing you her ass instead of her face. And last but not least the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The CAT was designed specifically for clitoral stimulation and mutual orgasm. It’s a revised missionary position that uses a thrusting and rocking motion to stimulation the clitoris with every motion. Here are instructions on performing this technique.
1. Have her lie on her back and get between her legs like you are going to do the missionary position. However, your pelvis should be a bit higher than usual.                                               2. As you enter her, have her wrap her legs around your waist. They should be bent slightly and her ankles should rest on your calves.                                                                               3. Carefully lean forward and rest your full weight on her. Keep your pelvis high.                     4. The shaft of your penis should be firmly pressed against her clitoris. No thrusting from you! Instead she thrusts upwards while you rock slightly backwards.                                               5. Gently rock back and forth in sync with each other until orgasm.
 Elegant Bullets for Her


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