Friday, December 31, 2010

The G Spot and the Mighty "O" !

The G Spot is a place that very few women or men know about. As we get more in tuned with our bodies the more we want to explore, understand and ultimately hopefully enjoy. The G-spot is the second in the series of types of orgasms that women can enjoy.  The G-spot orgasm which ever women can physically enjoy though just like the clitoral orgasm, not every woman does and not that they cannot or will not. It is more of a reason of relation, intimacy, and trust.

The G-spot as it is labels is just 2 inches inside and on the top wall of the vagina and  is a bean shaped area of nerve tissue, having a ridged, not smooth feeling  like the rest of the vagina, and when aroused has a spongy feel. Many people describe its location as putting your finger in the vagina and curling your finger as if to say “come hither” as with the “A spot” in the anus as you would go the opposite direction. Now while the name signifies certain spot it is more like an area. Do not confuse the G-spot area with the Clitoris as the latter is sometimes called the love button.

“Lie on your back on the floor with your knees bent and rest your feet on the bed in front of you. Insert your middle finger into your vagina and gently stroke the front wall behind the pubic bone, about two inches up. You should feel a patch of skin that has a different texture from the rest of your vaginal walls, slightly rough or "ruffled;" using a "come-hither" motion, press into the center of this ruffled patch until you feel an area that is sensitive to pressure. That's your G-Spot, also known as your urethral sponge. On the other side of your vaginal wall are the sensitive Skene's glands, which is why you'll probably respond more to pressure than light stroking. The area is about the size of a pea, but can enlarge to the size of a walnut when stimulated. You should also know that many women feel like they need to urinate when this area is stimulated. This is due to the fact that, as it enlarges, it presses on the same nerves that signal a full bladder. Most women find, however, that as stimulation is continued, this feeling goes away and is replaced with pleasurable sensation.” (

Another difference with the G-Spot orgasm is the female ejaculation or squirting which is consistent with G-spot Orgasms. There is much debate over female ejaculation and its meaning and even its substance. The truth is that all women are capable of it. A lot of women experience the sensation of peeing when having a G-spot orgasm and hold back for fear or embarrassment. The key to having orgasms is to go with your feelings to enjoy the moment to enjoy their bodies. When having the urge for release or to urinate when having a G-spot orgasm to go with it and experience the full effect. To be re-insured, it would help to empty the bladder, before engaging so she can rest assured that anything that happens would not be urine.

Not all women will ejaculate or squirt as the wording goes. Remember you are not looking for  affect you are looking for enjoyment. And remember even though all women may be physically able to ejaculate does not mean they all will.

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