Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Orgasms.........Clitoral.............G-Spot ............Cervical

   The Screaming begin we need to find out where! The most famous spots for the women is the clitoris! The famous love button. The spot where all the magic is supposed to happen. Some guys might try to go strait for the prize though many fail to realize that if not aroused touching the famous love button dry can be very painful to the women as would sex without proper lubrication. It is also interesting to note that the tip of the nose is very close to the sensitivity of the clitoris as well as are the nipples. Though many say that the clitoris the most sensitive part of the human body. Many also say they feel it is too sensitive to be touched though if properly lubrication is a must.
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 The G-spot is another place for the women. Clitoral and G-spot orgasms are distinctly different. Both can be achieved with intercourse yet with different characteristics. If a women starts to have a G-spot orgasm but fails to reach the climax she is left with an empty feeling that can not be dissipated with a Clitoral Orgasm. Many women also squirt when having a G Spot orgasm. Many women even profess to feeling like they have to urinate while having a G Spot Orgasm.  There are certain sex toys that are made specifically for G-spot Orgasms as well as Clitoral Orgasms. The other type of Orgasm that can be achieved is the Cervical Orgasm and some call it the Master Stroke Technique. New to discovery and the scientific community the Cervical Orgasms is the least talked about. The strongest of all the orgasms, the deepest and  even perhaps the hardest to achieve of all the orgasms. As the name implies the Cervical Orgasms involves stimulating the cervix which was once thought of as insensitive though we have learned is one of the most sensitive.

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