Wednesday, December 8, 2010

DO I Need Them............? Ben Wa Balls

Do I need them?

Ø    Ever had to wear a panty liner because you were sick and every time you sneeze or cough, you feel a little urine escape?
Ø     Ever had to control yourself from laughing to hard because you were afraid to urinate even a tad bit?
Ø     Just had a baby?
Ø     Getting ready to have a baby?
Ø     Afraid of urinary incontinence when you grow old (which happens to about 75% of elderly women)
….If any of these apply, I always say spend $15.00 on a pair of Ben-Wa Balls now or hundreds of dollars on depends later!

How do they work?

     There are three ways to do Kegel exercises that include all the groups of muscles that one can use when performing these exercises: Contract and Hold, Flutter and “The Elevator”. Before I spell out the three types, let’s be sure we’re all talking about the same exercise.  Think of the muscles you would squeeze if you were urinating and wanted to stop the flow of urine. These muscles form a type of “hammock” that runs from the front of the crotch area to the back.  The muscles encircle the clitoris in the front, the anus in the back and the vagina in the middle. They are the same muscles that contact reflexively (on their own) during orgasm.
     Strengthening these muscles by doing Kegels will enhance the sensations of orgasm and for some women make having orgasms more likely. When contracting these muscles, the buttocks muscles should move very little or not at all. You are trying to isolate and move the muscles that underlie the external genitals for women.
     If you spend two minutes doing these three types (which makes a “set”) you do a set of 3 times a day, you will very likely feel a difference in your ability to contract in about two weeks.  It doesn’t take a lot of time, just a lot remembering.
   The Ben-Wa Balls can be used as “weights” by ambitious women who really want to work out their PC muscles. Think of it this way; you could tone your body by doing leg lifts or arm curls, but you would get faster and better result by adding weights. Start by putting in one ball and doing these exercises. The ball will definitely add a level of challenge to Kegels. Later when there’s greater strength and tone, add the second one.
     These are great exercises to do in preparation for having a baby. A toned muscle will stretch more easily and it will recover more easily after childbirth. As we age, these exercises are also helpful in maintaining tone to avoid urinary stress incontinence (leaking bladder). So given the benefits of enhanced orgasm and the health gains possible, doing Kegel exercises in one of those six minutes a day exercises that really does deliver!

Contract and Hold: Squeeze this muscle group and hold it for a count of ten.  Then contact and hold for another count of ten. Continue doing this.

Flutter:  Contract the muscle group as quickly as you can.  These won’t be large squeezes, just rapid light ones. Stop, take a rest –and then do it again.

The Elevator:  Imagine that there’s a little elevator in your crotch and that you want it to raise it up floor0by-floor to the top floor. So start at the ground floor and go up to the first floor, then the second, and last, to the third floor. Then gradually allow the “elevator” to go back down stopping at each floor.
Once you get to the ground floor, go down to the basement so you’re sure to have completely relaxed the muscles you’ve just exercised. 

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