Saturday, November 20, 2010

What"s In Your Brown Bag ?

I'm sure everybody has seen the symbol of the brown bag around even today thought not as much as the symbolic as it was 50 years ago. Grocery stores, liquor stores, and even 7-elevens require beer and alcohol to be taken out of the store in a Brown Bag. Prescriptions and other types of products that are meant to used though not seen were often put in a brown bag. A lot of times bags may not have been used merely the though of concealing  items such as male/female condoms, pregnancy tests, Ky-lube, tampons, and the like. We were often embarrassed to go to the store and purchase or even touch such items; for fear of embarrassment, ridicule, and shame. At times we weren't even supposed to know they even existed; at least until a certain age anyway.
As sex education came out in schools thousands cried out foul! When condoms were given freely and minors were allowed to purchase them thousands more cried foul. Even though teen pregnancy still was common, common porn comes into our homes through the internet. We still are embarrassed by our brown bag. Our toys, creams, lotions, and sex techniques. Only in Major cities our sex toy stores allowed. No country or Bible Belt town would ever think of allowing such a sinful building or business to operate. yet we allow rape, teen pregnancies, and abortion.
Independent consultants some traveling an hour and some several hours to someone's house full of ladies and sometimes couples to not only teach, educate but even explain. Explain not only how different creams, lotions, powders and toys operate. Though how they can save marriages, attract future mates and partners. Teaching the men and the women about their bodies, self love, masturbation and each other.While doing this night of fun, games, and  education. Catalogs are presented and  sometimes toys, powers and lotions can even be bought and taken home that very night.
 That there are people that will drive 7 or more hours to do a Brown Bag Party for 10 to 15 girls or couples and share what they know and sell and laugh and cry with others don't have acces to the big city stores. My question is what happened to everybody else ? The schools, the doctors, the nurses........why all the taboo and secrets and shame ?
My only question to you is What's in Your Brown Bag ? or rather What Would You Like In It?

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