Saturday, November 20, 2010

Direct Sales and Gender Roles

As the economy has dropped and the all the pillars of business have crumbled. We as individuals need to look beyond a 40 hr work week. Beyond a 20 yr career with a company like "Ford" or "GE". There is no one that is going to hand out a Gold Watch for 15 or 20 yrs of service. If we Get 5 years of service for the same company were lucky and no lay-offs during that 5 yr period replaces the Gold watch!
As women joined the work force during World War II and other periods of change in the the 60 years. So are men leaving office jobs, management and manufacturing. Men as well as women are starting their own business...Not only in areas of consulting or free lance. Though Home Party Direct Sale companies.
Avon is no longer strictly for Women. While Women may have started the Home Party Direct Sales movement or first companies. Men are now joining the women in droves.....
NoT only in Avon http://www.avon.
Which is breaking open in China this year and has a 25% sales increase in a economic downturn that has been compared to the Great Depression.
Food companies such as which was started by a women is expanding their direct sales force with women.
Elegant Pleasure Parties which was started by a couple (man & women) is a company that sells not only Lingerie, videos, books, powers and creams to enhance the romance as well as sex toys. have women and men in there sales force. their catalog also includes sex toys for the man and  the women.
As we see we are seeing a lot of  gender switching of roles in not only Home Party/Direct Sale companies but also more of a joining and sharing of professions and roles.

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