Saturday, November 20, 2010

That's A Great Idea!!......but is it mine ?
Hey that's a great idea! I read about it in a magazine. I'm was in a yahoo group and copied a file. I borrowed a comment form, changed the name, a picture and Presto! I'm a romantic novelist, and borrowed a paragraph from someone Else's novel and added it to my book. I forgot to cite a reference in a report. I stole someone's idea and made a profit from it. These are all true examples of plagiarism! And they all have happened! The romantic novelist career was ruined. All her books were taken off the stores and she was forgotten. While The Novelist she stole from still writes today.    
   I know of an instructor  in the environmental field who does research for the EPA who been forced to copyright all of her teaching material because of theft and lack of consideration and acknowledgment. Microsoft pays billions in fines every year because of its continued violation of copyright laws. A lot of people won't share their ideas or offer help to others in their downline, friends,comrades, or co-workers. For the simple reason that they've seen their ideas with other peoples name on it. While others won"t let their ideas out until they have them copyrighted and they've gotten a lawyer on retainer. Strangely many people don't seem to realize that plagiarism is a criminal offense. So the question is with thanking the person for the idea and giving credit? They might give you an extra idea in return. And if not you might lose out on more great ideas then you could ever imagine.

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