Saturday, November 20, 2010

Privacy or Theft On the Internet ( the real issues)

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Today as we hear about Face Book ( and their numerous issues with privacy. Google ( and their lawsuits over illegally grabbing  information over open networks. Our we really looking at the real issues. Many email providers have either gone out of business, delete users, or gone from free services to pay services. Many send out emails giving a warning that you need to download or move "Your information" before the data is deleted. If you got that email great! If not well then you lost. Now with social networks like Face book and spammers or complaints be lodged against you Face book is deleting users account with no warning. You blink and its gone. Your data, information, pictures gone forever. Face book probably still has it stored on one of their massive servers in some remote location unknown to but a very select few.

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           The corporate side's angle is that you violated or they were led to believe you violated they conditions. S they felt obligated to delete your account and steal all your data. Their take would be they are unable to compile your data and send it back to you. Just as your Landlord does not put your deposit in a interest bearing account. Fact: he does and Face book could find and send your data if they were served with a court order.

The question of lawsuits in the privacy department would be where and what Face Book is complying with. File Lawsuits with orders to return lost data and millions of dollars of fines and lawyer fees and soon you have a quick difference of opinion. So the question we must as ourselves it is not the issue that is the issue though what is being sued over, for, by whom and for how much. The old saying that "Money Talks" would be the bottom line and what makes companies like Microsoft,Face Book and My Space take action.

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