Saturday, November 20, 2010

Temp or Perm. Full or Part. Contract or Freelance
Today in our new work place we our trying to re-develop the way we relate and look at work as it now vastly different then it was 20 years ago. Our parent told us do not go for temporary jobs, seasonal jobs, or part time jobs as they were a waste of our time. I was told never to quit a job, to let them fire you first. I remember even telling a McDonald Store Trainer; I couldn't wait till I got a real job. We were also told not to quit a job without notice or to quit a job before we had another one. Each statement had its merits, reasons and thought before it. I have to say that today we tell our children none of these things. Some of us were even told to join the military or to forget college and get a job. Starting our own business, freelancing or going for whatever we could get was out of the question. Now though we tell our children to stay away from military recruiters and even forbid them from talking to our children.
Instead as a way of life or a ticket to an education or skill they are looked at as the grim reaper. College is looked at as a way to get free money from the government or at least some good loans we put in forbearance for 10 good years.College is also a place to hide out in until the job market recovers or at least until we decide what we want to do with our life. Education is the last on the list though. We long longer think of a career as a career . No more gold watches, 20 year anniversary dinners or 30 year plaques. We no longer think of 401Ks as a guarantee. Unlike the 1920's when if you had a job any job you were considered a success or if you were a Land owner you had stability. Now we have people walking away from their homes with inflated mortgages and coming back to rent that same house for a lower amount from the very banker who threatened them before now are glad you have the 1st months rent and deposit. Thankful now that he can take it off the REO list.
We do not sniff our noses at washing dishes or cleaning toilets anymore as we are competing with our family doctor or lawyer for that job. Or we have starting our own business and brag that we clean the most toilets, for the least money.  We even have our own website with packages and prices. Usually designed by our 12 year old or our high school friend forgotten but not lost and we now reunite for a reduced business deal. We meet up with Millionaires on Social Networking sites that piss us off daily for a few words of wisdom that will enable us to reach thew next level before sell our car to pay the lawyers fee for bankruptcy court. Yes indeed things have changed and how we would live it differently if we had ionly known is title of another story.

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