Saturday, November 20, 2010

Social Networking.......Is it Bringing us together or Tearing us apart ?

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          It all began in the Late 80's with CompuServe, Genie, Apple-link, and the BBB's. Now 30 years later all of the former is gone and forgotten. All that technology that we were afraid of 30 years ago is here while the scare has been all but forgotten, eliminated or buried in sole old 70"s flick by Orson Wells. Big Brother is here. He not only owns are data, our contacts, our friends he also owns our life. We our connected at work, at home and even as we drive, walk or fly. He is Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Linkedin, and a hundred other Social sites.
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           Big Brother has us now connected. To a bunch of computers that own everything we own. Is this an asset? Do we like this? If we had a choice and could have left computers in the office and not our homes. Would we? How about all those letters, pictures, post it notes, diary's, and ramblings we wrote. What of them ? no longer on paper in shoe boxes under the bed. The computer owns them. What happens when we make the computer mad? Forget to push the save button or can not pay the internet bill ? Will the computer be nice and give them back? Only with a court order. Are we closer to our friends or just our enemies.
          Social networking. We need a new definition. How bout Social Marketing ? If you go to your average social site on the internet you will find hundreds of ads. Not just for soap or peanut butter which are sadly missing now if you think about it. Ads about all that worthless junk that you delete daily or that gets sent to your junk folder. Petitions about saving Whales in India, breaking boards in Denmark and even protesting on political platforms. You might even see an ad about my blog. For $50 a day I could advertise too and so can you. Cheaper then radio and less time consuming to get to production then TV. Social Games. Now we have games that we can play with or against our friends while we are networking "socially with our friends and enemies", being "socially Marketed to" and now we can play games. Let us not forget the hearts, drinks, roses and teddy bears we can all so send to all our friends. Not enough friends sending you internet beers? Then buy some internet beers with your Visa card. A $100 buys a lot of internet beers for  a lot of friends. Have your Internet friends replaced your real friends? Or have we become to busy or reliant. Have we sold our independence for mere pennies.
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