Saturday, November 20, 2010

Business or Pleasure (Friends and Customers are not the Same)

Are you my my friend or my customer. Can you be both? No. If you are my customer we have to take care of business first. You have to pay the piper.  I have to service you as my customer. Then we can party. Friends and family are in general the worst customers. Expecting more while giving less. I in general do not look to friends or families for business unless I am heading for bankruptcy. Are you as my friend going to pay my full price knowing I am charging you a premium over my cost? Do you really care if your purchase is going to pay my electricity for the month or my mortgage or even the supplies needed for the job. As my friend or family you expect a discount. I sure would like a discount from my supplier, banker, even the gasoline man myself. I will not get one nor do I expect one. Even if we do go drinking with him or even if he is married to my sister. How bout asking the District Attorney who you play poker with for a break on sending your cousin to jail for a robbery or murder charge ? Probably not. Will Uncle Phil give you a break on the $25000 back taxes you owe to the I.R.S. how about selling me your house for less then you regardless of what it's really worthy. If so then I definitely want to be part of your family! If I did as you

then I would have to charge my non family customers double or even triple to make up for my loss. Do you think they would understand? Probably not. This means that I either treat everyone the same or I can not do business with family or no one at all. I prefer to treat everyone the same. My family and friends may not appreciate this though I am sure my other customers do so much that I don't need any friends just enemies who i do business with. This may seem harsh or unfair. You have to understand though I once sold 3 pieces of lingerie to a friend of a business associate of mine.
These three pieces sold for $70 a piece Retail. She choose to buy only 2 as one did not fit. I then agreed to sell her the other two at my cost (50% discount). I even agreed to wait two weeks for my payment. Gee I am such a "NICE GUY". I have not received any payment nor any merchandise back. This incident  happened 6 months ago. I have taken it as a bad debt and am in the process of filing a dispute in court.
         Another example was a fellow business associate who had arranged for a Private Pole Party Class for a group of 10 or more. She was nice in that she did not pre-charge the 13 women that were supposed to show up. And she only charged them her cost which was $15 a person. She made no money at all. Only the studio and instructor. 1 person showed up to accept her kind gift. She lost over $150 for her kindness. Business is great when you have no friends it seems and horrible when you do.

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