Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some more parties to plan for……….

A party some say is merely a gathering of friends. When parties are held each week or month some of us like to add a little spice. Like oregano or poultry spice to chicken. We like not just more flavor though a variety of flavors to choose from or even a variety of games to play.  “Peter Piper Pickles his Pecker and other obscene nursery rhymes that in reality were intended for adults then rewritten for children can now complete the full circle and be re-written for adults or changes into adult games for different party themes. 

True confession parties can be fun to have; though I would suggest this as a girl’s night out or a divorce party game. Survivor parties are also sometimes fun as items can be shown, bought and sold by and from your Elegant Pleasure 
 Consultant that you would wish to have if you were the last survivor of a plane crash or boat wreck on a desert Island; you may also want to bring the partner you would want to survive with as an added plus. 
There has also been mention of television masquerade parties where everyone picks a character they want to be and comes dressed up as… (Ex. Grey’s Anatomy, Gilligan’s Island, Sex and the City, Three’s Company etc.) Other type of parties goes in the range of not what kind of parties but more of when parties… 

We have breakfast parties or sunrise parties. Those late nighters can always go for a sunset or even twilight parties. Some love parties’ right after Sunday brunch, or after noon mass. Cocktail parties can be great for the professionals as they finish the work week and really need a party…any party!!! Dick –A-party or Breast-A-party are also great themes that can center around products for that certain gender or body part. Shave a leg parties are sometimes popular with the ladies as everyone tries to compare one shaving cream to another. Your Elegant Pleasure Consultant sells not just one brand, scent, or type but many and can provide free samples of several for minimal cost. While other parties companies offer demonstrative parties, 

Elegant Pleasure Parties feel the need to be respectful and honorable to their consultants, hostess’s and there party precipitants. Thus we do not have BJ theme parties, though what we do give is actual information. We do not center our theme parties around actual types of sex as some other party companies do though we do sell the products, the education, instruction video and how to books that cover these topics though in a professional manner. 

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