Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sex Shakes…..Recipes for Tasting Better

Can you alter the flavor of your lover’s ejaculation?
Have your man try one of these sex shake formulas!
2 TSP Honey                          1 Cup Milk
¼ TSP Ground Cinnamon    ¼ TSP Ground Ginger
¼ TSP Ground Nutmeg        ¼ TSP Ground Cloves
1 Raw Egg

Add a scoop of ice cream of ice cream for a real milkshake if desired, but beware of the calories. Blend all ingredients. Men should drink one hour prior to lovemaking.
Because ginger is a natural detoxifier it will make any men’s semen taste better. It does wonders for women too. This is good if you are on a medication that affects your body flavor. One good way to taste better is to take it like a tea. A tea can be made with fresh ginger root, peeled, boiled, or simmered and sweetened with honey; or it can be steeped slowy with any hot tea. It’s spicy , but it’s excellent!
Celery makes semen taste sweeter too – just add it to his salad. 

Suggestions for Women to” taste better”:
Drink pink grapefruit juice a few hours before oral sex!
Another suggestion that I have heard for women is pineapple juice. To drink up to an hour before hand and the women will taste and smell better as well.

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