Monday, November 29, 2010

A Party to Plan for........

A Party to plan for……….
Sometimes a party is just a few people drinking and eating chips. Some would like to have a party with style like a “wine and Cheese Party”. Have one girl bring a few bottles of wine, another to bring different varieties of cheese: perhaps some cheddar, port wine, baby Swiss, pepper jack, or even a little bit of Luxemburg. The other could bring the plates, and another the glasses. Valentines parties for the couples could add just the right spice. Candlelight’s, bubbles in the hot tub, hot candle massages, beautiful lingerie and all kinds of toys that a Elegant Pleasure Party consultant can show …… Strawberries, do you love strawberries, cherries, oranges, pears, or apples? 

Fruit Parties can be the best! Fruit parties can be masquerade where everyone dresses up as their favorite fruit, or bringing dishes of just fruits to sample as a Elegant Pleasure Party consultant shows you candles, and massage oils of your favorite fruit. A Pamper yourself would be another great extra party idea…..Let our elegant pleasure consultants can show you are line of pheromones (not available in Canada) lotions, perfumes, creams, candles, and powers that will dazzle you and your mate time and time again. Pajamas parties are another idea where everybody comes dressed in Pajamas (make-up and curlers optional) Food parties are a nice break from the usual Friday night gathering. 

Instead of bringing a barrel of beer and a bag of pretzels; bring a gallon of martinis and bags of nachos with a bowl of cheese and/or salsa.  Any Tuesday can be a Fat Tuesday Party, order your Masks and beads from Elegant Pleasure Parties and so much more and make your party more memorable than ever. Ice cream parties are a cool idea especially in the summer.  Many have marathon parties and come n go parties where a presentation is done every hour or two hours and people come and go at scheduled times or just on the spot. Coffee and tea parties are my favorite where instead of beer and pretzels we serve coffee and cake or tea and crumpets……Coca cola and Doritos……etc. Some even like to have an exchange parties on birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas .

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