Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sex Toy Parties vs. Sex Toy Stores
As the sexual revolution continues we see a lot of sex toy stores popping up all around the country. While in other parts of the country they are closing down. Not because of a lack of business rather though of a lack of trust and fear. As neighborhoods are growing and populations escalate the stores are finding themselves closer to school and neighborhoods. While many cities and towns have ordinances against Sex Toy Stores, many more are making new laws and requirements to keep the average sex toy store from taking roots.
Sex Toy Companies have come into the picture to fill in the demand left by the many laws set up by a lot of towns based on fear and ignorance. Elegant Pleasure Parties based in Maryland is one the newest Sex Toy Companies.
Women and Men are joining as Independent Business Owners.
Women and Couples invite the consultants into their homes, who not only bring the sex toy store with them but also information. Information that sex toy store employees don't provide or are even aware of.
As Independent business owners who are not paid a hourly rate take a more personal stake into their business and their customers. many consultants attend seminars and conventions around the country to learn about the female and male body and different ways to enhance the romantic, sexual components, gratification, satisfaction and self love topics. They in turn are able to share this information to there customers in a fun non-threatening atmosphere. Even though started as a "Girl Night Only Party" with the consultant presenting a line of sex toys, books, dvds, creams and powders for the ladies.
The consultant even offers the the Hostess free gifts based on the sales. So not only is the consultant doing more for the customer than your average sex toy store consultant also the hostess who is providing her home also gets a bonus in toys and gifts. This includes a lot of information, sex type related games, and questions and answers related to sex, orgasms and masturbation. Some consultants are even registered sex coaches and takes classes on Tantra and other related disciplines. Some consultants carry extra stock on hand to the parties as a lot of people like to buy at the parties, while others don't mind waiting a few days and choose to pick from the variety of items available from the catalog or the internet site

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