Saturday, November 20, 2010

Are You Afraid ?
Are you in  Afraid ?
Fear is the greatest negative emotion and element that we as people have to deal with. A lot of people may think little of scaring a child, teen, baby or even an adult with a little trick or childish prank. Many would think it is funny, yet when the tables are turned and they are made to crap or piss in their pants they are no longer smiling. What happens when they jump every-time someone yells BOO!
Why is everything so different. Halloween is actually the least of the BOO scenarios. Fearful to undress in the daylight? Run around the house naked with no one home but your mate. Are you afraid to exercise alone? Try avocados with ice cream and cherries? (disgusting you say) Have you tried it? How bout pouring warm  chocolate on your lovers chest and licking every drop until you are frenzied with passion. Have you tried or are you afraid? Have you been to a nude beach or skinny dipped alone or with a friend or are you afraid? Have you admired yourself in a mirror with your face covered so you see just your body. Or are you afraid ? Can you love yourself? Or are you afraid? 

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Why? Do you sleep in the nude? shorts? T-shirt ? Sheets Blanket ? Full body Armor ? 34 pounds of blankets and quilts? I am not saying anything is wrong with anyone of these or that they are linked to fear of anything. There are reasons though ; some may be good and some bad, some may be still needed while some may not. Sleeping in a bed with other family members may mean a reason for not sleeping in the nude as well as living in Alaska. You may even feel warmer and more secure with full body armor. What if ? If you had only a sheet? or no shirt or just a shirt? What would happen if you threw away all your white sheets and bought only green. Went outside to get the mail with no shoes? Would someone scream? Would you bleed? I remember the first time I did something really bad. Something frowned upon by so many. Oh I was so bad!!!! I pushed past boundaries set up by other people. Telling me what was bad and what was not. The first time I cut a high school class. Walked through the house naked. Drove from one city to another. Told my mother what I really thought of my sister. Stole that first kiss from my sweetheart.
Forplay Costumes 2010
Silly? Go to something Wild? Meet you mate at the door as he/she arrives from work/shopping with nothing but glass of Champagne (nudity required). Do something unexpected! Break the mold! Arrive at work 10 minutes early. Stay 10 minutes late. Take a shower with your mate. Ask your children what there favorite day would be like and try to make it happen. Take the long way to work, avoid the high ways, invite a competitor to lunch. Try something new, something crazy, something soooooo bad !!!! You scream the entire time and then do it again and again until it is scary or bad but good and enjoyable. Make yourself wonder why it took you so long to explore the wild side. not just of yourself, your life though also your mate and their life as well.

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