Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crossing the Line.......

Crossing the line while in a relationship may feel like the right thing. It may also feel like the only thing. Morally we can say it is the wrong thing. Emotionally we may feel we even earned it or deserved it. Though honesty we have to ask ourselves if we are considering crossing the line while in a relationship are we really in a relationship?
           A lot of people are looking for things in a relationship. Things that they can only find in themselves. Others drift and crave the puppy love stage while others fear commitment. To find and understand why what we cannot find in relationships is essential to what we can find in relationships.
         We also have to understand why we want to get out of the relationships we tried so hard to get into in the first place. We all are looking for something in somebody in a relationship. When we find someone else it usually is because we are no longer getting that something or found out that person could never give what we wanted or needed in the first place.
          As we cross the line while in the relationship it usually is never about "sex".....we may use "sex" as a cover-up or as an excuse. We want the attention, the pampering,  and the "me" stuff. Love Me! Show Me! What have You Done For Me! Me!, Me!, Me!.....
           We only talk about the you in healthy loving relationships that have substance and our full.         Empty relationships are only about Me!
            Empty relationships are also one sided as the Me! has given up, shut the other out or has already crossed the line and is waiting for the other to be the dominant one and end what has truly already ended. Empty relationships do not have to end in break-ups or stay empty they can be fulled with communication, passion, understanding, wild passionate sex and respect. There isn't always a  need for the blame game either in solving differences and working them out. There can be just letting it be what it be or is what it is.

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