Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Are you slacking in the bedroom? Part 2

Setting the mood for the evening often takes place the in the morning of... or even the day before. Everybody men and women included need to feel needed...desired.....wanted......appreciated and noticed. When you see a friend or a client or even a grocery clerk and comment on her hair, clothing or perfume you bring attention. You bring attention to her. You need to bring that attention to your mate, lover, or spouse.
          We see our mate everyday, undressed, dirty, at their best and at their worst. How many times do we comment on their appearance? On their smell, scents, touch, walk and even the sound of their voice. How often do we touch them in passing or grab a hug or a kiss.... How many times do we open the door for them.....or thank them for just being themselves.
          Do we ever offer them a towel as they step out of the shower. Ask them about their day or leave notes or tenderness on their pillow. Poetry takes no Shakespearean or Robert Frost to compose only a few words from the heart wrapped with passion.
          Perhaps eye contact with hands held and a simple "I Love You" and a short fleeting kiss before you dash for the subway. A simple flower arrangement delivered by carrier to her office with simple words like "I miss you, and the blueness of your eyes". Nothing sexual needed.....perhaps later in the evening you can graze the front of her shirt with your hand or give a hug and a squeeze of the buttocks. Perhaps each kiss lasts a little longer in the morning until morning nobody gets out of the house till lunch.
          Gifts are not what shows our love as much as people may want to believe.The $300 Coach bag your co-worker bragged about would be gladly exchanged for a candlelight dinner with no kids soft music and a couple of cans of ravoli sitting in fine china with silver spoons and rose-pedals on the table. (The sex would probably be better too).
          Scented sheets are a plus as well as fresh sheets or fine silk sheets used only on Friday nights. a back rub enhances a mood, a foot massage, warm oil is always a plus as is her favorite scented lotion or body oil. Remember as you enter the bedroom and close the door the world now only consists of you and your love.

          In the morning as you leave remember the night begins in the morning and hello's begins with good-byes. No one likes scripts or rehearsals and flattery often falls short. The heart speaks volumes and a touch is worth a thousand words. Be spontaneous, impulsive, romantic and respectful. Spontaneous in your actions, impulsive in your attentiveness, romantic in your actions and respectful to each other.

Earl F Spangler

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