Friday, May 27, 2011

Are you slacking in the bedroom? Part 1

Physical causes of Female dysfunction are caused by so many factors these days. Were tired, stressed, over-worked. There are so many of other reasons that may cause it such as childbirth, depression, medications and as we enter the "Change of Life" things really get lost. It takes a lot more to get a woman aroused these days. Sexual dysfunction includes desire, arousal, orgasmic and sex pain disorders. You should visit your primary care to make sure there is no underlying condition.

 I received a flyer and it stated that in 2004, medical estimates show about 43% of women will suffer from some sort of Sexual Dysfunction-(Journal of the American medical Association) Since I have been in this line of work, I run into all shapes, sizes and ages of women. I have heard that some have never experienced an orgasm before. I was shocked! I have worked for a few different party companies and they each have their own special sensual enhancement gels. Some of which are great and some not so great!

Elegant Pleasure Parties is using a product called "ON" this product is manufactured by Sensuva. I have never found anything like it before. Not only does it help stimulate you, but it works for almost an hour. I am talking warm, cool, electrifying, pulsating stimulation throughout your clitoris and vagina. I have found that as you start to make love, it starts to spread and stimulate the g-spot as well. I want to express that it may not be for every woman out there.

I have been a single mom most of my children's lives so stress plays a "HUGE" role! We are super stressed as women and we feel as if our job is never done. So at night, when I say we just want you to get on and get off it has nothing to do with the man in particular. It really is our way of saying something is wrong. To all the men out there, we need more then just a kiss to help us out. As you/aka the man, can easily get hard and ready to go in a blink of an eye, us woman need you to help us along and use the five senses. I have encountered woman that have never had an orgasm before! This bothers me to know that they are young, energetic woman and their man cant take a few extra minutes to help her by using a few of the following ideals below;

Touch:  Make us feel alive, massage us with some light scented or warm massage oil, candle.
Smell:  Put on her favorite cologne, no one wants to have someone on them that stinks
Sight: Place on those silk boxers or something sexy
Sound: Talk dirty to us but in a sensual way! Remember there is a difference between Sexual and Sensual. Read a short erotic poem
Taste: Start off with a romantic setting. Make a nice little basket for the bedroom with your favorite snacks for each of you to enjoy.

Take us away into another little world, even if its just an hour. Make it an experience that she will be longing to top.

Sexual Dysfunction is very common and what I am about to say, some may find an uncomfortable subject. In order to help bring back your sex drive, you need to stimulate (masturbate) once a day, once you start getting the sensation back and remembering how good it feels, you will want sex more often. If the reason behind you not wanting sex is because its painful, try water based lubricant, different positions also may help. Don't forget wetter is better! Woman lose their self esteem and start feeling as if there is something wrong with them. Approximately 95% of woman need clitoral stimulation and the other 5% need penetration, there is nothing wrong with masturbation. Each woman is different. Another thing you can do to help your orgasms to become stronger is to do those kegal exercises, if your not quite sure what a kegal is, all you need to do is pretend your about to pee and stop yourself, tighten up and let go, repeat this over and over and your orgasm that may be there will be more intense and to your liking! The stronger your pelvic muscles are the stronger the orgasm. Not only will this help you in the bedroom but it will help you as your bladder becomes weak. There are many different types of kegal balls that you can use, some weighted, some with strings.

If your reason behind the lack of desire is due to postmenopausal or menopause you most likely will need to see your physician. We lack the testosterone and progesterone and it could be as easy as them prescribing birth control to help....then we get into the medication. Medication is always tricky, I suffer from this one myself. My suggestions are still firm on what I listed above, our partner must take the time to help us along. 

There are so many products out there that can help enhance your relationship and help you discover the inner diva, start today and remember it only is ONE orgasm away from a wonderful bedroom experience!

Your Dundalk Diva
Owner/President of Elegant Pleasure Parties
Susan Compton

Baltimore's First Coed Romance Based Business

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