Friday, March 4, 2011

The Princess and her King

Setting the mood can be the maker or the breaker regarding a night of fun. A lot of times as men or women we only think about how we feel, how we want to be treated, loved, pampered, desired and idolized. Many of us would like to be treated like a princess. Some like to behave like pigs and rogues. Being a rouge or a pig to someone who likes being like a princess will not set a good mood. Nor will there be a lot of romance going on either.
          A lot of times as we socialize we wonder how a beautiful women is with a guy who to us may seem like a pathetic loser. We may not realize that this beautiful woman may have been with a Conan the Barbarian who beat her and treated her like a pig. He cleaned up well though treated her worse then the dirt he knocked off his shoes. She may have just gone though a horrible experience and there Mr. Pathetic was. Perhaps he lifted her dress or caught her pearled hat before the wind took it away or it got dragged through the mud. Perhaps he never lets her open her own door, pump her own gas, or even wash a single dish.
          Hmmmm....maybe he treats her like the princess she wanted to be since she a little girl. He writes her love ballads that makes her cry like no other could even imagine. Is it possible that he might carry her into the bedroom and lets her sleep on  nothing but perfumed silk sheets. Perhaps he makes love to her every night undressing her like she has never been undressed before.  Perhaps his idea of romance and love is what most only read about in romance novels.
          He may only pump gas at the local Shell station and have only a 5th grade education. He may slur his words or stutter. He may walk with a limp and have warts that glow in the dark.
          He is her king though and she is his princess. She cares not of how many muscles or how well his tan glows or even how tall.She cares not that he is bald or has a twitch. She cares only that as he looks into her eyes she sees love, passion, tenderness, and amazement. Love that he has only for her. Passion he has not for her body: Breasts, buttocks, legs, hair; though for her heart. Tenderness as he cares for her and makes her happiness his pleasure and joy. She senses his amazement that she loves hims as much as her amazement that he loves her.
A lot of times we wonder why the King loves his princess and why the Princess loves her king. And sometimes the princess in traveling apart wonders how she could ever live without him.
Setting the mood for the king is quite easy. As it is for the princess. As they are both setting the mood long before the sun sets. He kisses her in the morning and admires her as she dresses. She brings him coffee with a kiss. He never lets her go without expressing his love, grabbing a hug, or kissing her delicate lips. He feels nothing comes between him and his princess even time. He wastes more then the five minutes needed to embrace his princess waiting in line at the ferry or toll booth. She looks forward to their 5 minute call at lunch. They makes plans to meet for dinner and dancing like starlit lovers at least once a week. They massage each other oil not just for for-play though sometimes just to touch. He writes her poetry not to win a heart already won though to express his thoughts. She does things for him out of love not because of love. He loved her heart before he saw her body. he does not wait for birthdays or anniversary to pledge his love. He pledges it daily. She writes him love notes and forget me not's.......She waits for him as he walks in the door. She does for him and loves him daily. There is no setting of a mood as the mood is already set.
Earl F Spangler 2011

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