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Her Orgasm Trigger Points


Her Orgasm Trigger Points

  Do you know the exact places to touch a woman,
and the exact things to DO to her that will trigger
MASSIVE sexual pleasure in her body?

   You probably know a few of them... the clitoris,
the g-spot...

   In this newsletter I'm going to mention those
common ones-- but also a few that are much
less common.  And it might surprise you to learn
that the UNCOMMON ones are USUALLY the ones that

   Often the "common" erotic hot-spots get all of
the attention because, well... they work...

   Plus, they are easy to find and everyone talks
about them... and, most of all, because women can
generally find them without your help, so they
have been aware of these spots on their own bodies
since they first began experimenting with self-

   Unfortunately, it seems that every guy
goes straight for clit, or the g-spot, or just
bangs away inside of her during sex...

   And, of course, that CAN sometimes work
extremely well.

   When you are both really turned on for each-
other and she has orgasms fairly easily, and
she's really in the mood, there's nothing wrong
with a good pounding...

   But most of the time that's not enough.  It
might be fun for her for five minutes-- but then,
probably, it becomes boring.

   And just changing positions and doing the same
thing doesn't help all that much.

   Don't get me wrong, like I said, that can be
GOOD sex... but you should know, there is a lot
more to it when you're ready to turn "good" into

   Someone once said (and I quote him a lot
even though I don't know who it was) that the
enemy of "great" is "good".

   That is definitely the case here.  It's easy
to think that you are having great sex just
because she's having a lot of orgasms... but
there are MANY levels beyond that.

   I want to talk about of a few of the orgasm
trigger points in this newsletter-- and what I
REALLY want is for you to actually TRY a few of
them with your partner that you might not have
tried before and see what kind of results you

   So let's start with...


   Maybe the reason that the clitoris is the most
well-known orgasm trigger point is because it is
so sensitive.

   There is no other place on the human body,
female or male, that is so rich with nerve-endings.

   And there are many, many women who have ONLY
experienced orgasm through stimulation of their

   Plus, it is the most common place that a woman
will touch HERSELF if she is masturbating.

(Though she is almost always touching another of the
more powerful trigger points at the same time that,
because of where it's located, you can't tell that
she's doing it... I'll explain what I mean in a

   The major key with the clitoris is to do some
experimenting to see how and where she responds
to your touch.  Women are incredibly different
from each other when it comes to how much pressure
they like on their on their clitoris to achieve
"lift off".

   For many women direct stimulation
at the head of the clitoris is just too intense
and can even be extremely uncomfortable, but some
woman like some very rough treatment right on the
knob to get where they want to go.

   So I can't tell you exactly what you need to
do here-- you've got do a little experimenting--
you're on your own... so have some fun.

   Just remember this rule of thumb (or tongue,
or whatever)... the clit has rhythm.

   If you don't, she might find it annoying that
you always ALMOST get her there.  You can get her
very excited by teasing and doing lots of things
to her clit...

   But to make her come, you are going to have
to find something that feels good and then stick
with a constant rhythm.


   Just 2 inches inside and on the top wall of
the vagina, the G-Spot has some very, very
serious female fans.

   For some women a bit of rhythm and a forward
sweeping motion on this little spongy-feeling
patch will send her into serious orbit.

   Others don't feel anything at all.

   For what it's worth, anatomically, every woman
should be able to get orgasmic pleasure from the

   If your woman can't, you can probably "train"
her to start to enjoy it, and eventually give her
very powerful orgasms there as well (I outline
the steps in my online eBook which you can read
by clicking below)

   One of the interesting things about women is
that, unlike men, the types of orgasms that they
experience are very different from each other...

   Or at least that's what they report-- they
describe the clitoral and g-spot orgasms as both
intense, but in a different way... and some women
prefer one over the other... but most, obviously,
love them both.

   And they get yet another kind of feeling when
you give them a "cervical" orgasm from...


   Some people call it the "A spot", some call it
the "deep spot", but whatever name you use, if you
go straight back, deeper into the vagina from
the g-spot, right where you meet the cervix, you
feel a ring of very smooth skin.

   The top of this ring (towards the belly) is
known as the anterior fornix.

   This area can be stimulated exactly the same
way as the g-spot (if you have long fingers), but
it is also the place where the head of your penis
presses during deep intercourse.

   Some women refer to the orgasm that results as
a "deep body orgasm" or a vaginal orgasm, but
regardless of how it's described, it is a another
very powerful orgasm trigger point.

   These deep orgasm can be very intense, and can
trigger a lot of emotion.

   If strong emotions come up with you and your
partner during or after an orgasm, the most
important thing you can do is just to remain

   Don't start in with the "what's wrong?" or
"what can I do?".  Just be cool.  Be still.
Be supportive.  Be calm.  Be gentle.  Hold a
safe space for her to experience whatever she
has to experience.

   Hair stroking is good.


   Most women, with practice, can be made to
orgasm through stimulating areas other than
those located in and around her vagina.

   The most "common" (of this very uncommon
thing) that women experience is the nipple-orgasm.

   The reason this one is the most common is
simply because many women have husbands or
boyfriends that love their breasts... and so
they spend a lot of time there...

   And one day the guy just really gets into it
for a long time, and he starts using his tongue
with a steady rhythm...

   If he's a good lover and he is sensitive to
the changes in her body, he feels her getting
suddenly more excited, so he keeps doing what he
is doing...

   And the next thing they both discover is...

   The nipple orgasm.

   The first time it happens, she is going to be
blown away.

   It is very, very powerful... and, for most
women... very, very surprising.

   What's more surprising is that it doesn't
stop with the nipples.

   Women can have orgasm from the same kind of
stimulation to the nape of their neck, inside
the elbows, behind the knees, the back of the
ankle, earlobes, the bottom of the foot, and many,
many other places that I'm sure I haven't

   The important key is to find out which areas
are most sensitive to YOUR woman...

   And then... experiment.


   By far, the most powerful orgasm trigger
point in a woman's body is her brain.

   In fact, it is the spot that I was talking
about that you can't see, but that virtually
every woman will stimulate, along with her
clitoris when she is masturbating.

   If you are saying to yourself, "come on now,
Alex, sure it's important to get her turned on,
but it's not really an orgasm trigger point..."

   Then you are wrong.

   Women can be brought to orgasm through nothing
more than WORDS.

   That's right, you can TALK HER INTO AN ORGASM.

   And while that might be difficult to do, and
certainly takes a lot of practice, the point is,
it IS an orgasm trigger point, and I'd argue it
is the MOST POWERFUL trigger point, and here's

   First of all, virtually EVERY time a woman
has an orgasm, it is through stimulation of more
than one trigger point at a time...

   You can give a woman a blended orgasm from
the clit and g-spot at the same time, or the
para-cervical ring and the nipple at the same

   But basically, whether you know it or not,
every time she has orgasm, you are at least
stimulating her B-Spot along with whatever else
you are doing.

   If she's not turned on in her brain, nothing
else will work.  Period.

   And and it's more than just "turned on"...
there is a VERY specific, very EXACT state that
her brain must be in for her to have an orgasm...

   If you are with a woman who is "pre-orgasmic"
(has never had an orgasm before), this is exactly

   She has the same wiring as other women... the
same nerve density in her clitoris, her g spot...

   You can stimulate her other orgasm trigger
points from now until next Sunday, and nothing
will work if you can't master the subtleties of
the B-Spot.

   Additionally, the extent to which you can
master her B-Spot... her mental and emotional
sexual state, will completely control how POWERFUL
her orgasms are.

   Now you can probably guess that by the end of
this Newsletter I'm going to recommend, again,
that you download your copy of my online eBook to
learn, in detail, how to master these trigger

   But before I do that, I want to make sure you
really understand the importance of the B-Spot,
and the types of techniques you will need to use
this "ultimate erogenous zone" to give her the
most insane sexual pleasure of her life.

   In the same way that you need to figure out
how to stimulate her clitoris (rubbing it like a
magic lamp doesn't always do the trick), there is
a lot of art to getting her mind to flip all the
right switches to cause her to have an orgasm.

   Here are some of the things to focus on...

   1) Getting Her Turned On

   A lot of guys skip this completely because
often, especially in the beginning of the
relationship, this happens automatically.

   The first time she is alone with you and the
clothing starts coming off, she has a ton of
anticipation and nervous energy that can get her
wild with excitement.

   But months later, just because you drop your
pants, she might not just get instantly soaked with

   You need to LEARN to trigger that same kind of
anticipation that gets her completely WILD with

   Eventually, if you master this skill, you'll be
able to put her into this state as easily as
flipping a switch.

   2) Sexual Trust

   If excitement happens automatically in the
early parts of the relationship, the opposite is
true of Sexual Trust.

   That's why so often a woman will feel
incredibly aroused the first time you have sex,
she may be biologically showing all the right
cues and getting very excited...

   But still be unable to have an orgasm with

   Orgasm for a woman is an act of surrender.

   Some women can do this easily and for some
women this is the most challenging part of having
an orgasm.

   Think of it like this-- some men can easily get
an erection under pressure-- but for some men
getting an erection, say while a crowd of people
watched and cheered him on, would be impossible.

   Now obviously you probably don't need to worry
about a crowd of people watching you have sex...

   But maybe this helps you understand why, for
some women, even if she is really turned on, she
might not be able to relax enough to have an orgasm.

   Learning exactly how to build this trust is
critical to helping pre-orgasmic women have their
first orgasm.

   3)  Creating A High-Level Sexual State

   The orgasm does not actually happen in the
vagina... it happens in the brain.

   Scientists can hook an EEG up to a woman's
brain and actually measure the stages of arousal
that lead to orgasm.

   The easiest way to get that orgasmic brain-
wave going is to stimulate the nerves in the

   But, as I said, most women can learn to have
an orgasm just from verbal command... they can
learn to "think" their way to an orgasm.

   You can learn to double or even triple the
intensity of her orgasms by learning how to create
and take control of this mental state.

   4)  Emotional Connection

   Everyone TALKS about the difference between
"having sex" and "making love."

   We all know the difference.  We can all feel
the difference...

   I believe that, in general, women feel the
difference far more profoundly.

   Unfortunately "making love" is NOT as simple as
just having sex with someone that you are in love with.

   Just being in love is not the difference... and
of course... we all know that you can be in love
with a woman and have some quick-and-dirty sex
with her, and that can be fun.

   Being in love is not the key to "making love."

   The key is being emotionally connected DURING
the actual act of love-making.

   When a woman experiences orgasm with a man
with whom she is emotionally CONNECTED... in
that moment... simultaneous with her orgasm...

   She experiences something profound, spiritual,
and unlike any ordinary orgasm that she can EVER
have masturbating or with a man who can't make
that connection.

   It is something unforgettable.  It is 10 times
more powerful than even the most powerful orgasms
she can achieve any other way.

   For a man, building that connection with her
takes more than feelings of love-- it takes a
rather large dose of courage and confidence

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