Saturday, November 20, 2010

Pole Parties.........

Pole Parties are they really about only learning a supposed art of stripping and as some say seduction or are you interested in shaping up and toning down?
 The facts vs the Fiction!
Pole Dancing classes are in actual studios popping up all around the country and there are probably is one in your actual neighborhood. There are no classes to be strippers, or exotic dancers. Classes do not start with tearing off your clothes or slapping your butt. Beginning exercises are done on the floor. 2nd level exercises are done on the chair. Third level exercises are done on the pole. There are no exercises involving tearing off your clothes.
Most studios do not allow male students. Pole dancing will be in the 2012 Olympics in Sydney, Australia for a trial period run. Most women do not wear nylons, spiked heels or bring boa's to the work-out with them. Most of the ladies come in leotards, jogging pants and t-shirts. This is not what some will call exactly fun. As they some would say "Much Pain, little Gain". Much as a football player or runner has to do weeks and months of training so do pole dancers. Climbing a 9 foot pole with just your hands, hanging upside down and twirling like a ballerina takes a lot more upper strength then the average person would ever think to possess.
The actual "Pole Party" is done at a professional studio for insurance and liability reasons. A professional instructor gives a group of 10 or more girls a a few exercises on the floor/chair/pole and teaches the group a few moves on the pole. The Elegant Pleasure Party consultant reserves the studio and the instructor for the group. The Elegant Pleasure Party consultant also has a little goody bag for each member of the party . Groups ARE usually between 10-15 girls for one instructor and 2 instructors for 16 to 25 girls.
The shoes pictured are typical of the shoes used by pole dancer students. the reason being not for the heel though more so for the strap that goes around the ankle. Safety is much more important then fashion in the studio. You are not there to impress or undress. You are here to burn fat, tone your body and build muscle. When your husband goes to the gym and cries like a baby when he gets home as his trainer made him actually put out some effort. You can brag how you also worked your ass off and even show the bruises you acquired through your work out with the chair and your pole burns.

Left him laugh as you pinch his fat and just walk away smiling.

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