Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dress For Success!..........In The Bedroom!

Many studies have been done on the effects of dressing for success at the office. Though has any one seen any book or articles about dressing for success in the bedroom? Does your lover come in to the bedroom in jeans or a suit jacket ? Probably not. Oops. Well I hope not any way.
Do you want your lover just to drop offer their clothes and yell "Come and Get It?
 Probably not. Neither would flannel pajamas with footsies and a teddy bear exactly excite you either. 

Men as well as women need to learn how to dress.This is just about nylons, silky panties, and or soft tresses that tumble. #1 complaints by women about men is bad breathe, unshaven faces, dirty fingernails, greasy hair, etc... Simple hygiene by the men goes a long way with the ladies. Men really do not need to shave their legs, underarms, etc.... A simple bath for some would be a great accomplishment, as some women love the smell of a freshly bathed counterpart.  As we go shopping we also have to think of hair color, skin tone and even on how we think of ourselves in  relation to our dress.
Our partner might think we look wild in a 2 piece panty and bra set of hot pink with tassels.We on the other hand think that maybe he's at the wrong house and you have the wrong kind of lover. We may want to excite our partner though we akso want to look excitable. Not just to him though also to ourselves. As plastic surgeons have shown us; having the perfect body is not the same as believing we have the perfect body.

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