Monday, July 2, 2012

Product Blog on Phil Varone Pierced Rocker™

Upon receiving the Pierced Rocker I was a little hesitant to purchasing the products. The product is very neat with a lot of potential for increased stimulation, not only for the woman but for the man as well. There is a little beaver with approximately a 1” metal bar in what appears to be the mouth. Inside the beaver it is hollow so you can insert a bullet that is included. Under the beaver is a sleeve that should be placed over the penis, either to add girth or extra stimulation. The sleeve is textured and this will help stimulate the clitoris or labia for added pleasure. Underneath the sleeve is a ring that can be placed around the testicles to help the stamina for an increased arousal. The sleeve can be stretched so you will not have to worry if it will be too small because it stretches pretty wide. So I can honestly say size does NOT matter! If your significant other is away and you decide to play, this could be used on your favorite dildo or vibrator. The silver bullet that is included takes 3 watch batteries and 6 are included. This product being waterproof gives you the opportunity to have fun anywhere. If the stimulation is too much you can always just use the sleeve for the added texture, girth or to help you have multiple orgasms. Now that I explained the visual, the only thing I can say is “WOW” what a powerful little guy, I mean pierced rocker. He (the beaver) vibrates everywhere from his head to his toes, literally! You will NEVER miss a beat with this little guy. Rock too your favorite song, better yet make your “OWN music” while making love. This product is NOW available $24.99 Susan Compton aka Cal Exotics Sexpert

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