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Not a lot of people truly enjoy pain. And it can really kill the mood. It might turn someone off to anal pleasure for the rest of their life. So, it’s important to take steps to eliminate the pain. Honestly, if anal sex hurts….  
Someone Is Doing Something Wrong!!

It is important to know the difference. Some guys might like to brag that their partner can’t take their unit due to the pain. It is like a badge of honor…..because only a big giant penis would cause pain right? Yes and no, the answer is complicated. Or women will comment that they cannot take a penis in the butt because their butthole is extra small.  



The worst pain is the outside pain. This is the pain that is typically associated with anal sex-where your butthole lips are. This is the damage that takes the longest to heal and is absolutely excruciating. It usually ends up with butthole being bruised, throbbing, small tears, and rips. So be careful. This is the pain that most people associate with anal sex. Outside pain can occur from a number of reasons, but the most common is that the butt is not relaxed or the dick is too thick. Most of the time, outside pain comes from a man (penetrator) that is not really experienced and does not know what he is doing.
Sometimes outside pain csn be caused when a guys penis is too small.




Because during the thrusting-retracting motion, a small-dicked guy usually pulls all the way out and thrusts back in. This can be incredible annoying- like your butthole is being bitten by a mosquito. There are a lot of things that you can do to avoid outside pain. 



#1 tip is to relax and to be turned on. You are more likely to be turned on if your partner is doing things that turn you on.

Here are a few other tips to avoid outside pain;


1.    Find a Great Lube: Thick and viscous lubricants work best and tend to stick to the condom. Silicone lubes are great because they do not get sticky and are super slippery. A combination of lubricants is fine. Experiment and find what works best for you.
                        Go to a Barber: Okay –this might be an exaggeration……..but seriously, hairs around the anal area are common (in both men and woman). If there is a lot of hair around the butthole, it can interfere with how easily a penis can glide in and out. Talking to a few people, they said they were having painful entry problems and after they clipped the hair on their butthole, entry improved dramatically. Who would have known? Be careful how you do this you would not want to cut yourself. And as a side note they do have professionals who not only cut the hair and trim beards though also pubic regions and also do waxing if you prefer that option.
G  Get a New Condom:  Believe it or not, not all condoms are created equal. Some are thicker than others. Play around until you find one that is right for you

It   It is also possible to have a bad egg (so to speak) Sometimes…Everything is right, the lube is right, you are relaxed, the penis is hard, not too much hair……But it is just not sliding in. Maybe your condom is dragging. Throw it away and get a new one.

P   Position: Position is everything. See the enclosed article about recommend positioning for beginners. Remember – the right position is the one that you feel most relaxed and comfortable.

There are many things to do that helps someone receive anal sex without pain. There are also things that the guy can (and should) do. For example, the penetrator should not try to thrust his way inside you. Once he initially get the head in, the tendency for a lot of guys is to start the thrust, retract, thrust, and retract motion. This is incredible frustrating.  

Once you get the head in, keep the motion forward. Do not pull back. Keep moving forward until the person receiving tells you to stop. Once they get use to it-then you can start the pull back and the thrusting.


We have talked about many tips for receiving anal sex-but what can you do if your partner is REALLY BIG?



The solution-get a starter penis; buy a small little dildo that will help open you up in advance. This is actually a great technique regardless of how big/small a man’s dick is if you are trying to receive a penis with no warm up.



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